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Common Marriage Problems: Finding Good, Free Relationship Advice

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Common Marriage Problems: Finding Good, Free Relationship Advice

Are you looking for some free relationship advice?

Free relationship advice is everywhere today it seems; TV, radio, Internet, countless books (okay, technically not free but pretty close).

“Relationship experts” abound. And although some of these experts have never been married, or have had multiple divorces, this doesn’t stop them from sharing their “gems of truth” of what it takes to have a healthy, happy and lasting marriage.

Be very careful with free marriage advice.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate this potential mine field.

Free Relationship Advice Online
Today, many websites offer free relationship advice. You will be pleased to learn that some are run by professional counselors who gladly share helpful information in the form of FAQ’s or downloadable e-books.

You will also find a few legitimate forums where people are eager to answer your relationship questions. But keep this in mind: whenever you post a question on a forum, remember that the people replying are probably not qualified counselors.

So my suggestion is to take relationship advice you find on most forums with a grain of salt. After all, who knows? You could be getting marriage advice from a bored teenager.

As you search for free online relationship advice remember this: professional marriage counselors need to earn a living.

They can’t afford to spend all of their time online giving away free advice because if they do then their kids will starve!

What this means is that most of the free relationship advice you find online will not come from trained marriage professionals unless it’s a process for establishing a client relationship.

Remember, if  an actual professional counselor is associated with a certain site, he or she will be offline most of the time serving his or her clients.

Since it is difficult to determine who you’re really talking to online, please use caution. And no matter what, don’t reveal your personal information to strangers you meet on the Internet.

Free Relationship Advice in Your Area (A Better Option)
Are you looking for free relationship advice in your area? Depending where you live, finding free face to face relationship advice may not be so easy.

However, if you are a member of a religious organization such as a church, then start by talking to your pastor or religious leader.

Many pastors have taken courses in counseling. But even if your pastor hasn’t, or he doesn’t feel qualified to offer counseling, chances are he will be happy to refer you to a qualified counselor in the area.

It’s very likely, though, that your pastor will have the training and experience to offer relationship advice that actually works. So make this your first option when searching for free relationship advice.

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