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Some Thoughts On Marriage Counseling

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Some Thoughts On Marriage Counseling

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What are your thoughts on marriage counseling? What have you heard or been told?

Some couples go through marriage counseling and seem not to benefit at all. But for other couples, marriage counseling saved their marriage.

It seems everyone has an opinion on marriage counseling. So here are few of my thoughts on the matter.

Marriage counseling is a tried and true method for resolving relational conflicts and saving marriages. It helps couples work through their disagreements and discover proactive solutions for moving forward.

But the thing to remember about marriage counseling is that it takes time. It is a process that repairs and strengthens the relationship and often stops or prevents divorce from happening; I know many couples for whom this is true.

Marriage counseling has been shown to provide lasting benefits in a marriage. Couples are assisted by the counselor to avoid major emotional and psychological problems which can lead to even bigger problems.

What should you be looking for in a marriage counselor?

For starters, a good marriage counselor has a mature mindset and a character disposition that serves as an example for the couples.

Ideally, you want someone who has a strong, stable, and healthy marriage themselves, who understands marital challenges and who places a high value on healing and saving the marriage.

Here are some other tips. In finding a reliable marriage counselor, look up information about the psychotherapist first. When you feel comfortable moving forward, here are some other factors to consider about the counselor and his/her services:

  1. Is the first session for free.
  2. Do you need to pay after every session.
  3. Do the session schedules fit your own schedules.
  4. How long will each session take.
  5. What are the qualifications of the marriage counselor who will facilitate your sessions.

Marriage counseling is a great option to consider when your marriage goes through tough times. So don’t be afraid of marriage counseling or what people might think if they find out that you and your spouse are seeing a therapist.

In reality, there are some situations that are easier to handle when a third party is involved. Some common reasons for considering marriage counseling are:

  1. Drug addiction.
  2. Alcoholism.
  3. Parenting issues.
  4. Conflict stemming from financial problems.
  5. Infidelity.
  6. Infertility concerns.
  7. Changes in life situations such as when one spouse loses his or her job.

It’s always best if both spouses have a desire to obtain marriage counseling and also attend the sessions together. Openness is essential as the aim of the marriage counselor is to help the couple identify the root of their conflict and to find solutions.

The counselor will also be a source of encouragement to the couple, and will show understanding, sympathy and consideration to each one as they work to strengthen their communication.

Communication is the best solution to any marital problem, which is why it is the first issue usually addressed in marriage counseling.

Discussing issues and disagreements in an honest but kind manner with a marriage counselor helps the couple become aware of each other’s thoughts and feelings. This sometimes provides an opportunity to uncover other issues lying beneath the surface such as differences in opinion, depression, or anxiety. The result is a growing understanding between each other.

Undergoing marriage counseling to save marriages has been helpful for many couples and has saved countless marriages.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So find a marriage counselor today and save your marriage.

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