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What to Do When Stress Causes Problems in Your Marriage

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What to Do When Stress Causes Problems in Your Marriage

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How to Handle Stressful Situations in Your Marriage

Are there stresses in your marriage that are slowly evolving into marriage problems?

If so, then realize that you are not alone. Most, if not all, couples get mad at each other and argue at some point or another  because of stress. But this only fuels marriage problems. So here are some tips for dealing with stress in your relationship.

I cannot emphasize strongly enough how vital good communication is for minimizing stress and having a healthy marriage.

The best way for dealing with marital stress is to talk with your spouse when problems arise. Discuss how you feel, and then really listen to your spouse’s point of view on the matter. Don’t assume your partner knows how you feel because he or she is not not a mind reader (at least probably not a very good one 🙂 ). Use communication to manage stress because as stressful as bringing certain things up can be, it will be a lot less stressful for you in the end.

Don’t take anything for granted
As you may have already realized from previous marital conflicts, small stresses can grow into big marriage problems over time. So keep your eyes open for red flags and deal with them before they turn into even bigger problems in your marriage.

Work together
Marriage is a partnership. In order to have a happy marriage you need to work together with your spouse. You are a team. So each person needs to do his or her part to keep the marriage happy and stress-free.

Try to see things from your partner’s point of view
This not only helps you to understand where your partner is coming from, but it also increases your understanding of what it is that is stressing the marriage. Never assume you are right and your partner is wrong. This only makes things worse because your partner will feel that his or her opinion isn’t valued, heard, or even acknowledged.

Seek counseling
Most married people are reluctant to seek marriage counseling because they feel the stress isn’t that bad yet.  But a happy marriage, in which there is minimal stress, doesn’t happen  easily; so don’t put off getting advice from a qualified Christian marriage counselor. You shouldn’t take this to mean that your marriage is in dire trouble, instead see it in this light:  you care enough for your relationship that you are willing to do whatever it takes to deal with unhealthy conflict and stress in order to have a happy marriage.

Marriage require work. However, by practicing regular communication with your spouse, and  confronting problems head on, the amount of stress in your marriage will decrease significantly and everyone will be happier (and healthier) as a result.

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