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Grateful. Thankful. Blessed

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Grateful. Thankful. Blessed

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Gratitude works wonders in your marriage. Think about your relationship for a minute. Is there more gratitude and appreciation than criticism and irritation? What’s the emotional environment of your marriage? 

Keep expressing gratitude until it’s something you are as a person instead of just something you do.

Being thankful and expressing gratitude and appreciation greatly impacts your health, life, social circles, family, and spouse. Every area of your life will be healthier and so much happier! 

Let your life be a channel of gratitude that flows generously into the lives of others!

Gratitude gives birth to generosity, kindness, courage, honesty, and respect. Gratitude makes us a better person and the world a brighter place.

People always tell us we should practice gratitude, but what does that mean? What if instead of “practicing gratitude,” we shared it instead? Think of all the good we could do and the lives we could touch.

Here are some great ways to express gratitude and appreciation by sharing it with others.

Random Acts of Kindness 

Help a stranger by doing something nice. It can be something as simple as giving them an “unmerited” smile, saying something nice or encouraging, or even complimenting your server or the cashier at the market. Maybe you go a step further and cook some food for an elderly neighbor or help a struggling family in your faith community or that person with a sign standing at the corner. Strive to do something kind for someone every day. 

Be Courteous and Appreciative To People Who Help You

Take a second to think about all the people in your community who help you, from firefighters and police officers to servers and cashiers. Consider all the people who serve you and make your life better. What would happen if you made it a habit to be kind and respectful, thanking them for all they do? Thank them with words of appreciation, say thank you, or leave a generous tip. Demonstrate your gratitude for their service. 

Volunteer And Make A Difference In Your Community

Show gratitude by donating your time, money, or things you no longer need. Research the different organizations in your community and choose one that speaks to your heart. It’s a great way to give back and spread seeds of gratitude and appreciation. You’ll be amazed at how much it blesses you personally!

Build Meaningful Relationships 

Invest your energy and love into building deep, meaningful relationships, starting with your family and friends. Pour gratitude and appreciation into your spouse; let them know how much you love them and how blessed you are to share life together! Lead by example in your marriage: make time to listen, serve, help, and celebrate the love you share and the relationship you enjoy. 

Let today be the day you decide to become a person of gratitude! What’s something you can do today, this week, or weekend? Get out there right now and make the world brighter with your random acts of kindness, sharing appreciation, and building meaningful relationships. Unlock your best life and marriage with the power of gratitude!

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