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Why Negative Thinking Is Hurting Your Life And Marriage

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Why Negative Thinking Is Hurting Your Life And Marriage

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Why Negative Thinking Is Dangerous For Your Life And Marriage

Negative thinking is dangerous because it blocks opportunities, limits your potential, kills careers, and ruins relationships, just to name a few. 

Regarding negative thinking and marriage, how can someone have a “positive” marriage that’s healthy and happy when fueling the relationship with negativity? 

Here are some reasons why negative thinking is so dangerous. 

Negative thinking creates negative behavior… 

Your behavior reflects your conclusions. If you see your spouse in a negative light or hold negative intentions about them, your interaction with them will be negative. 

It’s hard to believe one way and act another. 

If you view your spouse, work, friends, family members, and life in general through a negative lens, your influence and actions will tend to be negative. You will be critical, exacting, judgmental, guarded, pessimistic, and perhaps even argumentative, traits that create an unhappy marriage. 

You will become the kind of person no one wants to be around because all you see are the problems and faults in people, places, and things.

Negative thinking attracts pessimistic thinkers… 

If there’s anything worse than one negative-thinking person, it’s two negative-thinking people who’ve combined forces! 

Negativity attracts negativity because, as the old saying goes, misery loves company.

The Bible says we reap what we sow. So, if we plant negativity in the world through our thoughts, words, and actions, we will attract critics, cynics, and pessimistic people. Our conversations will be unproductive and unwholesome and of little to no benefit, and our influence will breed hopelessness and despair.

Life and marriage wither within the poisonous atmosphere of negativity. It reminds me of the sign the captain posted on the deck his pirate ship: “The beatings will stop when morale improves.”

Negative thinking is the cause of passive-aggressive behavior… 

Few things are more disempowering than negative, pessimistic thinking; you feel like a helpless victim with no hope of escape! It’s easy to blame others when you fall into this mindset, which leads to swift undercurrents of passive-aggressive behavior. Why? Because you feel something is happening or being done to you, you lack a sense of ownership or the ability to take action, creating feelings of resentment and even hostility; so, you become passive-aggressive. Rarely, if ever, does anything good come from that mindset and behavior.  

There’s no place for aggression, blame, or hostile behavior in marriage.

If you want a healthy, happy marriage (and who doesn’t), avoid negative thinking at all costs. How? By being aware of your thoughts and the impact they’re having on your marriage and the people you’re attracting. 

Of course, your life at home, work, and marriage isn’t problem-free! Acknowledge that problems are real and exist! However, you can shift your focus from the problems to solutions. Focus on YOUR vision for the kind of marriage, career, and life you want for yourself and your family. 

Search for the silver lining and count your blessings along the way! You can find something good in every person, place, or thing that crosses your path or you can be critical and amplify the bad. 

You don’t need to stick your hand in the sand and ignore the problems. Focus your energy and resources on creating productive, optimistic outcomes that improve your life and relationships because this pathway unlocks a satisfying and happy marriage. Shun negative thinking like the plague because, in fact, it is. 

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