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Seven Tips for Staying Positive And Being Happier With Your Marriage

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Seven Tips for Staying Positive And Being Happier With Your Marriage

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It’s hard to be positive and maintain an optimistic outlook when you’re in an unhappy marriage. If you’re unhappy in your marriage, you tend to be unhappy in life. 

As hard as it is, we must try to remain positive because things only get worse when we allow ourselves to feel helpless and hopeless.  

Our attitude and outlook significantly impact our well-being, especially our happy hormones, which we’ve talked much about lately.

Although it won’t be easy, if you’re going through a rough time in life or your marriage, you can do things to stay positive and nurture the hormones that make you feel happy.

Here are seven ways to stay positive when facing difficult times:

Nurture Yourself

Carving out a little bit of time daily to relax and enjoy life supports your happy hormones and does wonders for your mental and emotional health. When life is incredibly challenging, shift your focus and nurture your soul by taking a few minutes daily to reflect on what you’re grateful for, meditate and pray, and practice deep breathing to quiet your mind. These few minutes will restore your soul with peace and tranquility.

It’s easy to focus and obsess over everything that’s not going well until it consumes your thoughts and feelings. But you have the power to disrupt that cycle. Although you might not feel like doing it, make time for gratitude, meditation and prayer, and a couple minutes of soul-cleansing deep breathing. Try it. You’ll be glad you did. 

Spend Time with Happy People Who Spread Joy

Associating with positive people supports your happy hormones and helps maintain an optimistic attitude. With the exception of work, for the most part, you control who’s in your life. So ensure those who are closest to you are supportive and encouraging and bring out your best. And support each other when going through difficult times.

Be Physically Active

Exercise is an effective way to stay healthy emotionally and mentally. Take short walks or do high-intensity interval training workouts when short on time. Exercise releases endorphins that brighten your mood and make you feel happier, reduce stress and anxiety, and ease feelings of depression.

Be More Aware of Triggers that Amplify Negative Emotions

Taking time to acknowledge and evaluate your negative emotions and identifying their triggers is extremely helpful in staying in charge of your emotions. Otherwise, worrisome, negative feelings can get the best of you. Consider keeping a journal or talking to a friend. Soon you’ll be able to manage your emotions and maintain a greater degree of happiness because you’ll recognize patterns and situations as they develop.  

Positive Self-Talk 

Your mind has a mind of its own and will start filling your thoughts with negativity, self-doubt, and second-guessing if you let it. As soon as you catch yourself speaking to yourself negatively, immediately start talking kindly and reassuringly to yourself instead, interrupting the self-destructive chatter. This shift in perspective makes a massive difference in your outlook on life and keeps your happy hormones balanced.


Make time for fun and do something enjoyable that lightens the mood and brightens your heart. Schedule an outing with friends, or watch a funny movie. Take time for whatever you enjoy doing that makes you feel happy. Making time for enjoyable activities helps to keep depression at bay and gives your body the hormones it needs to stay balanced. 

Find Joy in the Little Things

When things start getting out of hand, find joy and beauty in the little moments. Whether it’s a flower blooming or a pet snuggling up against you, look for these small precious moments that will help make you appreciate life more. Positive emotions are contagious, so spread them around.

These simple steps may seem insignificant but will become habitual over time and lead to a healthier lifestyle. Achieving mental and emotional balance isn’t easy, but with some effort and commitment, it’s possible to nurture your happy hormones, making you more optimistic and happier with life and your marriage.

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