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10 Steps To Stop Denying & Avoiding Your Problems

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10 Steps To Stop Denying & Avoiding Your Problems

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Facing difficult situations can be overwhelming and stressful, so some people avoid their problems instead of dealing with them. But, nothing gets solved; everything just gets worse.

Here are ten tips for dealing with situations in a way that makes things better.

1.     Small Steps

Organize the problem into manageable steps and deal with the easiest one first. Then move on to the next one. Micro successes make an uncomfortable situation more bearable. Before you know it, you’ll have solved the issue.

2.     Reality Check

Ask yourself why you’ve been avoiding the situation. Is it because of emotions like fear or dread?  Set your emotions aside and approach the situation rationally by analyzing the long-term consequences of doing nothing.

Dealing with the situation might be painful, but you’ll have less pain overall by dealing with it now versus putting it off. Would you rather have a lot less pain now or a lot more pain later on?

Be logical. Focus your attention and energy on things you can do right now to make it better instead of focusing on worry and fear.

3.     Be Mindful

Disentangle yourself emotionally from the situation. Step back and observe. Assess what’s happening and how it’s affecting you emotionally and physically. Seek to understand why it’s happening and what’s triggering you. This deescalates the situation by putting space between you and the issue.

4.     Own It

Acknowledge where you are right now and what got you here. Take responsibility for your behavior and choices. Reclaim your power by seeking to improve and rebuild your life. Denying, evading, and avoiding prolongs the pain and weakens you. 

5.      Accept Discomfort

Discomfort is a part of life. No one likes to hurt or go through terrible things. Remind yourself that it’s okay to be uncomfortable. Besides, what choice do you really have? Quit? Give up? Or work for a better life? Emotional pain is a warning sign that something needs to change. So, take action and get to work.

6.     Accept Support

Share what you’re going through with people you can trust. You’re not alone. They have problems too. Gain insight and courage through social connections.  

7.     Listen To Your Body

How is this situation affecting you physically? Are you internalizing the pain? If so, you might have aches, elevated blood pressure, or tension; you might even feel depressed. That’s no way to live. Physical activity will make you feel better. Go for a walk. Stretch. Meditate. You’ll feel better in mind, body, and soul. Getting exercise and facing your problems is a great way to ease your symptoms and make them go away.

8.     Stop Assuming

It’s so easy to assume the worst. Instead, discipline yourself to be reasonable. Keep an open mind. Realize that things can go either way. So choose to focus and work towards productive outcomes.

9.      Laugh At Yourself

Have a sense of humor. Laugh, if appropriate. Don’t take yourself too seriously. A light-hearted approach makes it easier to face your problems and stop avoiding them

10.   Take Action. Now

Don’t put things off. Stop avoiding and delaying. Realize that the longer you avoid dealing with the situation, the likelier that the worst case-scenario will actually happen! Taking action is the best cure. It reduces stress and worry. You’ll be empowered as you take charge and move forward.

Facing your problems is a habit that gets better with practice and easier over time. Be a person of action. Take charge of your life, peace, and happiness. Live your life like this daily. Be assertive and direct, and face things head-on with a brave heart and open mind. Before you know it, you won’t be avoiding your problems any longer because your new, non-negotiable standard will be a healthier, happier life.

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