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You can be Good Parents and Good Partners

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You can be Good Parents and Good Partners

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Making time for yourself when you have a family is difficult and sometimes it can feel a little selfish. Many people who are married with kids would like to take breaks from married life more often to pursue their personal interests, hobbies and passions, but they worry that taking time for themselves makes them bad spouses and/or bad parents.

Sadly, guilt is just about the worst motivator there is. Feeling guilty all the time is not only exhausting but it can also make you very unhappy. Needless to say, being unhappy is bad for you, your spouse and your kids.

Every married couple with kids should know that one of the keys to being a better parent and partner is being a better and happier person. Taking time off from your spouse and kids relaxes you and gives you the energy you need to meet your family’s needs.

Making Time for Yourself

Get your husband / wife on board

If your significant other doesn’t support your decision to take some personal time, you probably won’t be able to do it without feeling guilty. Therefore, the first step is to get them on board.

Explain to them the rationale behind your need for alone time or you might leave them wondering whether you are just looking for an excuse to get away from them.  Tell them that alone time helps you recharge and so that you can be a better partner and parent. Focus on how it will improve your married life and point out that it is a chance for them to have some “me” time as well.

Schedule it in

The only way to ensure that you get some personal time every week is to schedule it in. Otherwise, there will always be something more important or pressing to do.

You should always let your spouse know your schedule for “me” time well in advance; don’t just spring it on them. In fact, it’s best to get into some sort of routine so that your spouse and kids know – for instance- that Saturday afternoons or Friday evenings are your personal time.

Taking time off from married life and spending time alone every once in a while makes you a better person, spouse and parent. This is why every married couple that wants a happy marriage should make spending a reasonable amount of time apart one of their marriage goals.

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