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Show Love with Delicious Food

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Show Love with Delicious Food

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Food is one of the greatest pleasures. Some of us enjoy trying new and exciting foods, while others would rather enjoy their favorite foods.

When dating, your partner’s favorite food is one of the first things you find out about him or her. You discover most of this information by observing what they order during dates or simply asking them what their favorite food is. This information comes in handy later on when you are planning a surprise dinner for your husband or wife.

How to Plan a Romantic meal

Check your partner’s schedule

Even before picking a recipe, you should find out whether your partner will be available on the day that you plan to surprise him or her. The last thing you want is to end up having a romantic candle lit dinner on your own. Pick a day when you are sure he or she will be home in the evening.

Pick a recipe or delivery meal

If you plan on making the meal yourself and don’t already have a recipe for the meal that your partner likes most, you can always find some romantic dinner recipes online.

On the other hand, a romantic meal doesn’t have to be home cooked meal. If you do not have time to prepare a three course meal from scratch, it is okay to order your partner’s favorite meal from a restaurant. Remember romantic dinners are not about displaying your prowess in the kitchen but about ensuring your partner enjoys the meal.

Gather the Ingredients

Gather the Ingredients ahead of the meal will ensure reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare the meal. Ideally, you should be done with the cooking before your partner comes home. If you can precook some of the foods such as appetizers in advance, you will have a lot less to do and won’t be too tired to enjoy the evening.

A feast for the eyes

A romantic meal should be a feast for both the eyes and tongue. Set the table with a table cloth, flowers and candles to give the dinner that romantic feel. Ensure that the candles and flowers are not in the way so that you can easily see your partner. You should be able to make eye contact and see each other’s facial expressions.

Secondly, use only the best plates and cutlery.  Never serve a romantic meal in the plastic container or box that it was delivered in; such as small mishap could ruin the romantic mood you are trying to create.

Dress up

Leave sometime between cooking and dinner for you to dress up. Wear something special like you would if you were going out for dinner in a restaurant.

Get rid of distractions

Lastly, your evening should be free from any distractions. It’s hard to have a romantic evening when you are sitting on the couch watching TV or on the phone. Switch off all your gadgets for the evening; all you really need is some soft soothing music.

If it has been long since you and your partner had a romantic dinner, turn your their favorite meal into a special moment for both of you today with these simple tips.


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