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Don’t be too Serious

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Don’t be too Serious

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Is your marriage so somber and serious that it can be mistaken for a business partnership? Here are some tips on how to lighten up your marriage and make your relationship fun.

Couples that have a light hearted approach to life and play fun relationship building games have happier marriages than their counterparts in serious, business-like relationships.

Being playful and childlike when you are with your partner helps to reduce stress and tension. However, play in marriage doesn’t only refer to competitive sports that require expensive technology. It is a lot more fun when it is spontaneous and every party can express him or herself without fear of being judged. In fact, all you need is creativity, energy and the willingness to work up a sweat. Also, you and your spouse should be open to having fun anytime and anywhere.

Good Humor

The importance of humor in marriage cannot be underestimated. It brings healing to the heart and soul and most singles list ‘sense of humor’ as the most important factor in a mate. Laughter bonds people – especially in relationships. It helps if you find similar things funny since you’ll be able to appreciate each other’s jokes and funny stories.

If you can find humor, in every difficult situation in your marriage, the two of you will have the strength to overcome even the worst situations.  Laughter also give you a unique bond with each other.

Relationship Building Games for Couples

When picking a game to play as a couple, go for games that require both of you to be physically present. This automatically disqualifies video and social games. Even better, find  games that require eye contact and physical touch.

If board games are your kind of thing, you’ll be happy to know that some of them are made specifically for couples.  Most of them are a slight variation of popular games such as scrabble and twister so you get to play your favorite game and spend some exclusive time with your partner.

Dance is another fun activity for couples. However, this doesn’t mean that you should take structured dance classes. Just put on your favorite music and goof around together; it will make for a great laugh.

Marriage is a serious venture but it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Playing and being silly around your partner improves communication, builds intimacy and makes the relationship fun. So let loose and play relationship building games for a happier marriage.

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