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Getting Along WIth Your Partner’s Friends

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Getting Along WIth Your Partner’s Friends

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Not getting along with your partner’s friends can be a source of great conflict in your marriage. This is especially true if your husband or wife has known them for a long time. The last thing you want is for them to feel as if they have to choose between you and his friends.

Be Yourself

You don’t need to have the same interests as your spouse and his friends so as to get along with them. You have a much better chance of getting along with his friends by just being yourself.

For instance, if your husband invites you to go to a game with his friends and you don’t know much about the sport, don’t pretend to know. His friends will see through the facade and probably lose respect for you. Just sit back, enjoy yourself and ask questions where need be.

Similarly, don’t take it personally if the conversation is a bit awkward at the beginning. As long as you keep asking questions to show that you care about your spouse’s friends and stick to safe topics, you should be just fine.

Keep in mind that women are more talkative when they are with their friends whereas men bond by doing activities together.

Let Your Spouse Spend Time with His or Her Friends

If you want a healthy relationship, you cannot be your husband’s only support system. Both men and women need to spend time with friends of the same sex.

Therefore, let your husband or wife spend time with his friends without making him feel guilty for “neglecting” you. An afternoon with friends, every now and then, will not keep the two of you from spending quality time together. Also, his or her friends will like you more if you not actively trying to keep their friend away from them.

Keep in mind that spending time with friends is a great way to recharge. Would you rather spend quality time with your partner when they are happy and energized or tired and indifferent? Absence makes the heart grow fonder so he or she will probably be more excited to see you after spending time with friends.

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