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How to Run a Business Together and Still Have a Good Marriage

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How to Run a Business Together and Still Have a Good Marriage

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Mixing marriage and business can either be a formula for business and marital success or kryptonite for both the business and the marriage. This is because a growing business requires just as much work and attention as a good marriage, and failure to set clear boundaries can create disharmony.

Most people will tell you not to mix business and marriage, but it is perfectly possible to mix the two without ruining your relationship.

Set Clear Boundaries and Business Hours

When you and your spouse are running a business together, boundaries can get a little blurry. For instance, it’s important to ensure that professional criticism does not cross over into your married life.

It’s also important to treat your business like a job and set specific business hours. Don’t let the business encroach on your time as a couple or let household chores encroach on your business time. It is harder to be strict when you work from home, but it is doable.

Have Clear Goals for Your Business and Marriage

Having the same goals for your business and marriage motivates you to work as a team and be equally committed to the business and the marriage. It prevents a situation where one person is constantly trying to grow the business or work towards a good marriage while the other remains complacent.

Keep in mind that working as a team and being equally committed doesn’t mean that you can’t split the roles in the business. It just means that you can both work in your respective roles to achieve the bigger goal.

Put Your Marriage First

Sometimes, mixing business and marriage doesn’t work and you have to decide which one is more important to you. It goes without saying having a good marriage should be your top priority. You should be ready to walk away and bring in a third party to take your place or assist with certain business operations if it means saving your marriage.

This is why most marriage advice encourages couples to try running a side business together before going all in. That test period lets you know whether you are cut out to be business partners.

Running a business together as a couple can put a lot of unwanted pressure on a marriage. However, knowing what pitfalls to look out for makes having a successful business and a good marriage a lot easier.

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