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When Your Partner Embarrasses You – Common Relationship Issues

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When Your Partner Embarrasses You – Common Relationship Issues

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Does your partner sometimes embarrass you?

Couples embarrass each other all the time. It is, in fact, one of the most common relationship issues. However, what really matters is how the couple deals with the situation. But before we get to that, let’s find out all the different ways in which spouses can embarrass each other!

There are Many Ways for Couples to Embarrass Each Other!

The most common form of embarrassment in marriages and relationships is one-sided embarrassment. This is where your partner does something that is embarrassing to you but he/she doesn’t find it embarrassing. This type of embarrassment often leads to marital conflict.

Sometimes, it is not so much that you are embarrassed by your spouse’s actions but that you are worried other people are laughing at your partner – and you by extension. You are embarrassed that your spouse is the butt of the joke and worried about what being linked to him/her says about you as a person. This is called reflective embarrassment.

The other common form of embarrassment is targeted embarrassment. This where your spouse intentionally singles you out or targets you for embarrassment – for instance through a good natured jab or a mean spirited comment. This type of behavior can sometimes be a sign of an abusive relationship, among other relationship issues.

How to Cope When Your Spouse Embarrasses You

When your spouse embarrasses you, you have to make a judgment call and decide whether to say something or let it go. If it is an isolated incident, it is much better to let it go – for the sake of a happy marriage. Remember, everyone says or does something embarrassing at some point. However, if it is a recurring issue, you should probably bring it up to your partner.

Pick a neutral time to raise the issue and when you do raise it, focus on other people’s reactions and not your own. This is because while it is important to let your spouse know that his/her behavior is hurtful to you, it is especially important to help him/her understand how his/her behavior is construed by others. If the issue continues even after you have talked about it, it may be time to seek marital counseling.

Embarrassment may seem like a minor issue but if it is not dealt with correctly, it can lead to more serious relationship issues. If you want a good marriage, you need to learn how to cope when your spouse embarrasses you.

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