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Are you a Good Companion and Life Partner to your Spouse?

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Are you a Good Companion and Life Partner to your Spouse?

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Companionship is one of the main reasons why people get married. In fact, it’s probably one of the reasons why you got married. But, have you ever stopped to think whether you are a good companion or life partner to your spouse?

There are many people who are married but lonely. They crave support, affection and intimacy from their spouses, and are deeply frustrated and hurt.

The good thing is that everyone has the potential to be a good companion as long as they willing to put in work. Here are a couple of marriage tips to put you on the right path.

Your relationship with your spouse should always take priority over your relationships with your friends and family members. In other words, your marriage should be your primary relationship; this is God’s design for marriage.

If your attachment to your parents or friends is stronger than your attachment to your spouse, you are probably not being a good companion to your spouse. You must cut the cord if you want to enjoy the benefits of marriage.

Spending time with your spouse should be a priority. The main reason why God created a companion for man was because he didn’t want him to be alone. Therefore, you cannot be a good companion if you are always leaving your spouse on their own and not making an effort to spend time with him or her.

Note that, having different hobbies and interests is not a good enough reason to not spend time with your wife or husband. You need to find mutual interests, because shared experiences enrich marriages.

Sometimes you have to do what’s best for you as a couple and not just for you as an individual. If you want to be a good life partner, you must be willing to make sacrifices for the benefit of the marriage. You must also be willing to accommodate your spouse’s needs and wants even when doing so is costly for you as an individual.

Becoming your spouse’s best friend is also an important part of being a good life partner. This means affirming your spouse’s strengths often, listening to them without judgment, giving them the benefit of the doubt and loving them regardless of their weaknesses. Basically, you need to treat your wife or husband the way you would like to be treated by your best friend.

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