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Marriage Tips: 5 “Marriage Firsts” All Newlyweds Experience

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Marriage Tips: 5 “Marriage Firsts” All Newlyweds Experience

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The first year of marriage is filled with lots of milestones and relationship “firsts”. These new experiences can be a bit overwhelming especially if the newlyweds have no one to turn to for marriage tips. This is why we have compiled a list of “firsts” to expect in the first year and advice on how to deal with them.

First big fight

No matter how many big fights you may have had when you were dating, the first big fight as a married couple always comes as a surprise. It forces you to acknowledge that the haze of romance has lifted and things aren’t as perfect as they seemed to be when your vision was clouded by love.

However, you can turn your first fight into a learning experience. Evaluating the fight with your spouse – once you have both calmed down – can help you figure out what caused the situation to escalate. Maybe you were blaming each other instead of taking personal responsibility for your role in the fight or bringing up past issues that had nothing to do with the current situation. Once you identify your weak points, you’ll be able to argue more productively in the future.

First time meeting up with friends after the wedding

Hanging out with friends after the wedding can be tricky. Most newlyweds tend to hog the spotlight and talk nonstop about the wedding or honeymoon. While there’s nothing wrong with sharing these details with your friends, you should also make an effort to find out what your friends have been up to. Be a good listener.

Also, when meeting your spouse’s friends for the first time after the wedding, smile even if you are nervous and compliment them freely.

First big purchase

Your first big purchase as a married couple can be a bit stressful, especially if you and your spouse have different attitudes towards money. However, with just a bit of planning, you can eliminate the stress and focus on enjoying picking out something new for your home.

First, discuss you current financial status and how the major purchase you are considering is going to affect your finances. Then, weigh the different options available to you and agree on the best option for you as a couple.

First issue with the in-laws

Your family has flaws. Maybe your dad is very critical or your sister constantly makes snarky comments. Whatever it is, you’ve probably gotten used to tuning out these flaws. Unfortunately, your spouse hasn’t had as much practice as you and may be more sensitive to these flaws. It’s going to take time for your spouse to get used to your Dad’s criticisms or your sister’s snarky comments and that’s okay. Be patient with your spouse and if they stand up for themselves, don’t take it as if they are disrespecting your family.

Your first time hosting a dinner party

When hosting your first dinner party as a married couple, it’s best not to stress yourself. Invite a small number of guests – no more than eight. Any more than that and you may find yourself having to rent tables and linens and work all night while your guests enjoy themselves. The smaller the group, the more you can mingle and be a great host.

The above advice for newlyweds is an invaluable resource for any couple in their first year of their happy marriage.  If you are one of those couples don’t hesitate to bookmark this page; you might need these marriage tips soon.

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