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Falling In Love Again With Your Spouse

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Falling In Love Again With Your Spouse

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The beginning of a relationship is often very exciting. The mere sight of your partner causes your heart to leap and you can’t help falling in love again and again.

However, after a few years of marriage, you may begin to lose sight of why you fell in love with your partner. You get caught up in routine and life clouds your vision. You begin to say “I love you” out of habit rather than true meaning.  You take each other for granted and no longer pay attention to the little things.

The only way to avoid slipping into this phase is to remember how and why you fell in love with your partner in the first place.

Remember why you fell in love

Research shows that the happiest married couples are those that can remember exactly how and why they fell in love with each other. It seems recalling why you fell in love, helps you to stay in love. It also helps you get through marital problems by reminding you of your partner’s positive traits and so that you end up falling in love again.

Reflection time

If you are wondering what to do for Valentine’s Day, here’s an idea; spend some time reflecting about how and why you fell in love with your partner. Think back to the moment when realized that you had fallen in love. Was it a special occasion? Did your spouse say or do something that made you realize you had fallen in love with them? If you can’t remember the exact moment that you fell in love, try to recall a special moment that you shared with your partner at the beginning of your relationship. Try to remember as much detail as you can these moments.

Jog your memory

One easy trick to jog your memory is to look through old photos from when you were dating, your wedding and your marriage. Another neat trick is to talk to your spouse and reminisce together about the good times you have had. The only drawback is that your spouse may remember these special moments differently. If they do, don’t argue with them. Just listen to their perspective.

In order to have a happy marriage, you need to regularly remind yourself why you fell in love with your spouse. It is the secret to falling in love again and staying in love.

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