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Learn the Differences between Men and Women for a Happier Marriage

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Learn the Differences between Men and Women for a Happier Marriage

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It goes without saying that there are physical differences between men and women. However, research has shown that those are not the only differences between the two sexes. For instance, there are real differences between what men and women need in order to be happy in a marriage. Every married couple should know what these differences are and how they can influence the relationship between husband and wife.

Biological differences

Let’s get biology out of the way first. We all know that there are differences in reproduction between men and women. However, in addition to this, there are differences in the brain structure of men and women. The human brain has two sides: the left side which is logical and the right side which is emotional. Scientific studies show that women use both sides of the brain at the same time while men mostly use one side at a time. This brings significant differences in emotional expression and communication in relationships.

Emotional differences

Men and women deal with emotions differently. Women are generally more expressive with their emotions that men. Also, women enjoy receiving emotionally rich information from their loved ones whereas men may often feel overwhelmed by strong expressions of emotions.  Both husbands and wives should try to be accommodating of these emotional differences between men and women.

Men and women communicate differently

Women generally talk more than men. They ask questions and seek clarification more readily and are more likely to talk about their emotions. Men, on the other hand, tend to more preoccupied with finding a solution for the problem. This sometimes causes them to withdraw into themselves. These differences in how men and women communicate have been known to cause marital problems.

Differences in multi-tasking

Women are noticeably better at multi-tasking than men. They are able to tune into the emotional, relational, spiritual, and logical aspects of an issue at the same time. This enables them to see things that men sometimes miss because they focus too much on the logical aspects of an issue.

Men and women perceive achievements differently

Men are strongly motivated by achievement and success. A man’s competence at work, or lack thereof, can greatly affect how he behaves at home.  However, this does not mean that women do not care about success and achievement. It’s just that they also place a high value on forming relationships with others.

Although these differences between men and women exist and have been proven through scientific research, they may or may not be present in your marriage. Therefore, while it’s good to know that these differences exist, it’s up to you to identify which of them applies to your wife or husband.

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