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Five Ways to Show Your Spouse That You Care

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Five Ways to Show Your Spouse That You Care

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One of the best ways to nurture a happy marriage is by showing your spouse that you care. Here five suggestions on how to do that.

  • Pick your battles

Arguments, no matter how trivial, always leave behind negative feelings that can lead to strife in a happy marriage. Therefore, it is extremely important to pick our battles and avoid unnecessary conflict. This shows your spouse that you care about them too much to risk upsetting them over a trivial matter.

Since it is not easy to stop an argument once it has began, you should make a conscious effort to notice when a conversation starts to turn into an argument, and stop the argument in its tracks. One way to halt an argument is to acknowledge that you are in the wrong. Simply say “You’re right, I’m wrong, I’m sorry. “  However if you do not believe you are in the wrong, you can say, “Let’s talk more about this later when we are both calm.”

  • Apologize to your spouse often and freely

Most relationship problems can be solved with a simple apology. You just have to decide what is more important to you: being right or being happy. Apologizing often and freely will make you and spouse happier in the long run. It shows your spouse that their feelings are more important to you than being right.

  • Surprise your spouse with an act of kindness

Nothing says “I care about you” like a spontaneous act of kindness. Make it a habit to do things that make your spouse’s life a bit easier such as offering to do some of their chores. However, don’t expect anything in return for your actions. It is not an act of kindness if you expect your spouse to reciprocate.

  • Sharing is caring

Showing love can be as simple as offering your spouse the last cookie or slice of pizza. It shows that you care about your spouse enough to forego a little pleasure for the benefit. However, don’t offer your spouse the last cookie expecting that they will do the same when it’s their turn. This can cause you to become resentful.

  • Show appreciation for your spouse

You cannot expect your spouse to believe you care about them if you do not show appreciation for them. So don’t be afraid to compliment your spouse and tell them what you love and appreciate about their looks, personality or actions. This not only boosts your partner’s self esteem but also encourages him or her to do more things like that.

Learning how to show someone you love them is easy; it just takes practice. Start doing random acts of care for your spouse today and within no time, you’ll be doing them out of habit and on your way to a happy marriage.


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