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8 More Romantic Gestures for Everyday Life

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8 More Romantic Gestures for Everyday Life

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Are you romantically challenged? Do you struggle to come up with ideas on how to spice up your marriage? If your answer is yes, here are some ideas for romantic gestures that you can incorporate into everyday life.

  • Dream together

There is something romantic about having shared dreams, aspirations and goals with your spouse and working towards their realization together. Therefore, as a couple, you should make it a habit to bounce ideas off each other. This ensures that you are on the same page regarding your future and enables you to support each other accordingly.

  • Laugh your way to a better marriage

Laughing together creates a special bond. If you and your spouse can find humor in the same things, you’ll be a lot less likely to experience burnout in your marriage. You can add laughter to your marriage by relieving funny moments from your past, swapping stories or watching funny movies together.

  • Tell your spouse how much you care

Take every opportunity to tell your spouse how much he or she means to you. You can say it verbally or in writing such as through a card, email, phone message or handwritten letter. In addition, you can throw in an act of kindness such as making your spouse a cup of coffee to drive the point home. Remember, actions, or in this case romantic gestures, speak louder than words.

  • Have a candlelit meal

While candlelit meals are some of the most cliché fun activities for couples, they can be really romantic. It doesn’t matter what you are having – whether its pizza or a five course meal. Candle light has a way of making ordinary moments romantic.

  • Pay attention when your spouse’s speaks about his/her interests

Do you listen when your spouse talks about his/her interests? It’s one of the best ways to come up with ideas for surprise gifts. Such gifts makes your spouse feel listened to, valued and appreciated.

  • Offer your spouse a massage

Offering your spouse a foot, shoulder or full-body massage at the end of a long day is a great way to connect and build intimacy with each other. However, you should do it without expecting anything back. Otherwise it can be hard for your partner to relax if he/she knows that you expect to be rewarded for your efforts.

  • Do chores

Doing laundry or washing the dishes is probably the last thing that comes to mind when you think of romantic gestures. However, there is nothing more romantic than offering to take some chores off your spouse’s hands so that they can have more time for themselves.  It can be as simple as offering to watch the kids so that your spouse can sleep in or offering to clean up after dinner so that your spouse can relax.

  • Brag about your spouse while with other people.

Bragging about your spouse in front of family and friends is a good way to boost his/her self-esteem. Saying something like “’I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful wife/husband” or “I’m a lucky man/woman” along with other romantic gestures makes your spouse feel appreciated.

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