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The Seven Habits of Happy Couples

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The Seven Habits of Happy Couples

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Do you ever wonder what happy couples do keep their marriages thriving? Happily married couples are constantly doing little things to nurture their marriages. They have certain habits that enable them to survive the rough patches in their marriages with little or no damage to their relationships. Here are the top seven habits of couples in happy marriages.

1. They enjoy the present

Marriage happens in the present. Couples in happy marriages know this and find beauty and happiness in the little things. To them, enjoying a hot chocolate together after the kids have gone to bed is just as fulfilling as going out for dinner on date night.

2. They don’t expect their marriage to solve all their problems

God’s design for marriage is for two “whole” people to come together as one.  A healthy relationship can be a source of great joy, but it cannot take away pain, boredom, insecurities or emptiness. In fact, relationships have a way of amplifying such issues, especially if the responsible party fails to seek help.

3. They don’t expect marriage to be easy

Happy couples know that marriage is not easy. They do not see rough patches in their marriages as evidence that they are married to the wrong person or headed for divorce. They see relationship problems for what they are – a normal part of marriage – and view them as an opportunity to learn and grow in marriage.

4. They don’t let fear hold them back

Happily married couples love and trust each other. They do not let the fear of getting hurt hold them back. True love means giving your partner the opportunity to hurt you while trusting that they won’t hurt you. It’s the only way to truly give your marriage a chance.

5. They don’t keep secrets from one another

Trust is the foundation of marriage, and it can be very difficult to rebuild once broken. For this reason, spouses should not keep secrets from one another or lie to each other by omission. If you want a happy relationship, you must learn to tell the truth no matter the consequences. It will give you peace of mind and prevent feelings of betrayal and deceit from creeping you’re your marriage.

6. They do not hold grudges

Successful couples do not hold grudges or go through life angry at each other.  They make peace and forgive each other at the earliest opportunity possible. Life is too short to hold grudges, and now is a good time as any to forgive your spouse.

7. They do not take their marriages for granted

Happy couples actively participate in their marriages. They do not allow their busy schedules to get in the way of appreciating and showing affection for their spouses. They realize that humans want to be acknowledged and appreciated, and taking each other for granted can cause serious marital problems.

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