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Advice for Newlyweds: Prioritize Your Marriage

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Advice for Newlyweds: Prioritize Your Marriage

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Do you prioritize your marriage? Too many newlyweds assume that a happy marriage comes naturally and do not put any effort until it’s too late.  They only start looking for advice for newlyweds and tips on how to save a relationship when they start having marriage problems.

In life, we are constantly setting aside time for work, kids, personal hygiene and other priorities. We understand that failing to set aside time for these things can have dire consequences. Unfortunately, many couples do not prioritize their relationships as much.  They fail to realize that marriage is like anything else; you get out of it what you put into it.

How to Prioritize Your Marriage

  • Set healthy boundaries that allow your family and friends to interact with you without interfering with the relationship. Be sure to discuss any boundaries with your spouse before hand to ensure that you are both on the same page.
  • Be your spouse’s biggest cheerleader. Make it a point to recognize your spouse’s effort and give honest and specific praise. This may sound like simple advice for newlyweds but it is extremely important. We all want to be praised and the bulk of the praise that your spouse gets should come from you.
  • Schedule time for your spouse and your marriage. Your marriage deserves a lot more than the leftovers of your time.  You should schedule time for your spouse the same way you schedule time for family and friends, hobbies and work.  Time with your spouse can be divided into three main categories: catching-up, dates and intimate encounters. Make sure you schedule enough time for each of these categories to ensure that your marriage keeps growing.
  • Create your own couple rituals. Every couple should have a few things that they do together regularly. They should be activities that bring them closer together such as having breakfast together, chatting for 10 minutes before bed or going out on a date every weekend.

Many people know that a happy marriage takes work but they do not know where to put in the work.  Follow this advice for newlyweds to reprioritize your marriage.

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