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Bring Back the Marriage Romance with these Simple Tips

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Bring Back the Marriage Romance with these Simple Tips

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Almost every relationship begins with a fairy tale romance. Two people fall so passionately in love that they cannot bear to be apart. In fact, most married couples have a wonderful first year of marriage romance. However, as the couple’s life changes as a result of kids coming into the picture, jobs and other commitments, romance is often put on the back burner. As a matter of fact, love and romance may be lost altogether if the couple fails to give it the attention it deserves.

Thankfully, this destiny is avoidable. It is possible to reignite passion and romance in a relationship. However, it is a lot easier to maintain passion and romance from the beginning than to try and figure out how to save your relationship after the love has waned. One way to do this is to keep doing the romantic things you used to do for your partner when you were dating. Another way is to keep learning new ways to be romantic towards your spouse.

It is the Little Things that Count

Every married couple should have their own treasure chest of little things to show love and affection to each other. For instance, you can write love letters expressing your feelings and pouring out your hearts to each other. If you don’t consider yourself a writer, you can simply list all the things that you love about your spouse. Tell your loved one what you appreciate most about them, how good looking they are and the things that they do that bring joy into your life.

In addition to writing these things down, it is good to say them to your partner. Give your loved one a call and tell them how much you love hearing their voice. If he or she doesn’t pick up, leave a loving and intimate message.

Small and random gifts are also good for rekindling marriage romance. For instance, here’s something everyone in the family can always enjoy: Bring home a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling cider or grape juice to celebrate your partner’s achievements. They don’t have to be huge achievements, small ones count too. Other classic gifts such as flowers, chocolate, cards and perfume also make great gifts. Give your spouse the gift of a wonderful memory by planning a special romantic evening.

A Grand Gesture Once in a While

In addition to the “little things”, you should make a grand gesture every once in a while. This applies especially during special days such as Anniversaries, Birthdays and Valentine Day. You can even go an extra mile and celebrate the anniversary of the day the two of you met and other days that are special to you as a couple.  A thoughtful gift would be nice for the above named occasions.

The above tips are only suggestions to get you started in your efforts to rekindle love and romance. You can come up with more ideas of your known that may work better than those listed here. As long you keep the marriage romance alive, you will be a lot closer to a happy marriage.

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