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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 94: Spirituality

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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 94: Spirituality

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Studies show that a couple that shares the same spiritual values is more likely to enjoy a healthy relationship leading to a successful marriage. It is one of the main perks of being in a biblical marriage, and therefore, equally yoked.  In fact, marriage is as much a spiritual event as it is a romantic one, which is why many marriage ceremonies are performed by spiritual leaders.

A shared faith strengthens the bond between spouses and brings them closer together. It also gives them a common ground, which is useful when dealing with problems and difficulties in marriage.

Benefits of Sharing the Same Faith with Your Spouse

Solving marriage problems

Married couples who share the same faith can always find solace in their faith during times of great difficulty and hardship. Their faith forms the basis for all important decisions and keeps them on the same page when dealing with crises. It also comes in handy when deciding what values to impart to children.

Defining roles in marriage

Deciding who is responsible for what can be a source of friction in marriage. These decisions are a lot easier when you share the same faith. For instance, a couple in a biblical marriage can choose to rely on religious beliefs when making these decisions.

Building the relationship

When a couple shares a common faith, they can work together towards spiritual growth. This way, they get to spend a lot of quality time working towards a common goal and deepen their relationship. In fact, in most cases, as the couple grows in faith, they also grow in marriage.

Way to Share Your Faith with Your Spouse

Prayer for marriage – Couples who share the same faith should pray together regularly for their marriage. Prayer is powerful especially when a couple does it together. It invites God’s guidance into the marriage and strengthens the marriage.

Besides praying together, spouses should also pray individually for themselves and each other. Remember that each individual has a personal relationship with God.

Attend church together – In addition to prayer, Christian couples should go to church together at least once a week. This way, they can not only grow together in faith but also build a firm foundation for their marriage.

Take a leap of faith – Marriage can be a world of uncertainty and couples often have to take leaps of faith and trust in God. Unfortunately, putting all trust in God is not always easy to do. Thankfully, Christian couples, can rely on each other for moral support.

To truly experience the fullness of a biblical marriage, it is important to share your faith with your spouse. This way, you and your partner can grow together spiritually and emotionally, and rely on your faith during tough times.

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