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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 92: Be Flexible

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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 92: Be Flexible

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Would you describe yourself as a flexible person?  Flexibility in marriage means being open to each other’s plans and ideas, and being willing to go beyond the comfort zone where necessary. It also means getting over the idea that your desires are the most important consideration in the relationship and responding to the needs and desires of the other party.

However, being flexible doesn’t mean being weak or passive in order to avoid relationship problems. It is possible to be firm in your beliefs and flexible at the same time. You just have to remain open to new ideas and changes down the road.

How to be Flexible in Marriage

Flexibility is a learned skill, which requires a lot of practice. Thankfully, there is no better time to practice flexibility than when you are in a loving relationship. Here are some relationship tips to help you in the learning process.

  • Let go of attachments – As adults, we are used to doing things a certain way and getting the specific outcomes; we are inherently rigid.  To be flexible, you must let go and stop wanting to control every little aspect of your life. This doesn’t mean detaching yourself from the situation and not caring. It means being willing to learn new ways of doing things to achieve the same or similar results.
  • Be willing to be wrong – Everyone likes to be right. We are trained from a young age to always do the right thing which is why most of us are obsessed with how things are supposed to be. If you are willing to be wrong every once in a while, it reduces the pressure and enables you to approach life with a lot more flexibility. You are more likely to try new, creative and innovative things if you are not constantly worried about making a mistake.
  • Do not take life too seriously – Like they say, it is never that serious. Taking yourself and your life too seriously can create unnecessary tension and relationship problems. Most relationship issues are not a matter of life and death and it wouldn’t hurt to find humor in them.
  • Go with the flow – Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to just with the natural flow of life and believe that things will work out. After all, all things work together for the good of those who love the lord. You do not need to force good things to happen in your life. Stop rowing against the current and start going with the flow.
  • Surround yourself with flexible people – It is always good to be around couples that you admire and look up to. You can learn from them and get the support and feedback you need in order to grow. Therefore, if you know a couple that is more flexible than you and your spouse, purpose to spend more time with them. Also, ask your spouse to alert you when you are being rigid; this will keep you in check.

Many of us have a hard time being flexible especially in the face of relationship problems. What we fail to realize is that our lack of flexibility often makes the situation worse. If you are going through a difficult time in your marriage, try being more flexible. Be open to your spouse’s ideas even if they are way out of your comfort zone. At the very least, the two of you will be able to brainstorm on possible solutions.


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