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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 69: Special Music

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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 69: Special Music

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Every couple has a few special songs that bring up romantic ideas and memories for them. For instance, it’s hard to forget the song that was playing during your first dance at your wedding. However, most people don’t realize that this romantic music can be made into a special anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift – a mix CD.

How to Create the Perfect Mix CD

There is an art to creating the perfect mix CD. First of all, you have to come up with the perfect playlist.  List all the songs that have a special meaning to both of you. It helps if you can remember all the songs by yourself but there is no harm in asking your spouse for help. Just don’t tell him or her why you are asking. It will ruin the surprise.

Often, your special songs won’t be enough to create a great mix CD. Therefore, add a few of your spouse’s favorite songs to complete the playlist. Keep in mind that the CD is meant to be a gift for your partner and not for both of you. Do not be tempted to include your favorite songs.

The next most important step is to arrange the tracks in a manner that evokes romantic feelings. Preferably, the first track should pledge your devotion to your partner and the marriage or something of the sort. It should be interesting enough to capture the listener’s attention.

The second track is also quite important. It is an opportunity to elaborate the message of the CD as well as bring out the mood clearly.

Arrange the entire playlist on your computer and listen to it numerous times before burning the CD. Place similar songs next to each other to create some sort of a flow. If you want to make the CD more special, record some love messages on your computer and include them on the CD.

However, do not over do the love songs; it is called a mix for a reason. Include songs that send different messages and set different moods.

End the CD in a song that will give the listener something to look forward to. It could be a song that refers to your future together as well as precious moments to come.

Since the CD is meant to be a surprise, do not include a track list. This way, your spouse will have to listen to it in order to find out what’s inside.

The Technical Bit

All you need to make a mix CD is a blank CD and a home computer with a CD writer. Depending on whether you are using a PC or MAC you can use either Windows Media Player or iTunes to create the playlist. When you are done, insert the blank CD into your computer’s CD drive and select the Burn CD” or “Record CD” option.

Whether you are looking for romantic gifts for her or romantic gifts for him, you can never go wrong with a mix CD. It shows that you are considerate and thoughtful. It also fits well with other romantic ideas. Try it today!

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