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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 48: Strong Family Ties

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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 48: Strong Family Ties

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When you are married, it is important to connect with your spouse’s family members regardless of how you feel about them. Some in-laws may go out of their way to be difficult but you cannot allow them to get the best of you and your marriage. This is not easy so here are some tips to get you started.

How to deal with difficult in-laws

Show your commitment to the marriage

If your spouse’s family – for whatever reason – believes that you are not in the marriage for the right reasons, they will try to protect their own by giving you a hard time. So try your best to make them understand that you are committed to your marriage and to your spouse. They need to feel that you mean to bring happiness and security to the family.

Build relationships with your in-laws

In most family relationships, you get what you give. This means that your spouse’s family won’t automatically like you. You need to make an effort to build a relationship with them. Common interests are a good starting point for connecting with family members. Also, find out as much as you need to about your in-laws from your spouse so that you can understand them better. After all, they are his or her family.

Get your family to support your marriage

Marriage is difficult enough without having to choose between your spouse and your family. It is much easier if everyone gets along.

However, this does not mean that you should not confront your family if you feel they are being disrespectful towards your partner. Your spouse should not have to bring it up. In fact if it bothers him or her, it should bother you as well.

Showing your family that you are genuinely happy in the marriage can go a long way in getting them to accept your spouse. It’s hard for your family to dislike someone who makes you happy.

Also, if some of your family members have common interests with your spouse, bring this to the attention of both parties.  This can easily be the beginning of some strong relationships.

Focus on your marriage

If you try all of the above tips and your in-laws still don’t come around, give them some space. Focus on building a healthy and loving marriage with your spouse. After all, you are married to your spouse and not his or her family. Hopefully they will come around eventually.

The holidays are coming up and it goes without saying that there will be lots of family activities during this season. Use this unique opportunity to build or strengthen family relationships with these simple tips.


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