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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 42: Turn the Computer Off

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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 42: Turn the Computer Off

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Did you know that two in every five married couples experience computer-related relationship problems?

The new technology-obsessed era had made it more difficult to have healthy relationships. In fact, many married couples complain that their partners spend too much time on the computer not to mention their smart phones.

Are you addicted to technology?

How much time does one need to spend on the computer in order to be considered a computer addict? While there is no exact figure, some signs that you are spending too much time on your computer include:

  • Your spouse has expressed concern that you are spending too much time on the computer.
  • You come home from work and go straight to the computer
  • You sometimes prefer being on your computer over spending time with your partner, family and friends at events that you were once happy to be part of.
  • You lie about how much time you spend on the computer as well as your computer activities. For instance, if you tell your partner you are working when you are actually playing a game or on social media, you may be closer to technology addiction than you think.

How about gaming addiction?

If you visit any marriage forum on the internet, you are guaranteed to see several posts from people who are complaining about their partner’s computer game addiction.

If someone neglects spending time with their partner, their physical appearance, financial responsibilities and house hold chores because of computer games, it’s safe to say they have an addiction.

Stop technology from ruining your marriage

If married couples are to achieve healthy relationships, they must strike a balance between technology and marriage. Here are some tips.

1. Schedule technology-free nights

These are nights when you switch off your computers, phones and even TV’s and just spend quality time with your partner. If you so wish, you can schedule these nights to coincide with your date night.

2. Do not bring your gadgets to bed with you

You wouldn’t believe just how many people take their computers, smart phones, gaming devices or ipods to bed with them! These gadgets have no place in the bedroom leave alone in the marital bed. Therefore, if you have a computer in your bedroom, consider putting it in another room. Also if you are currently using your smart phone as your alarm, get a real alarm clock so that you have no excuse to bring your phone to bed.

3. Change your notification settings

If you have a smart phone, chances are that you have several social media apps on your phone. The last thing you want is to get notifications for every single email, tweet or Facebook post. We all know how hard it can be to ignore those notifications so the best thing is to just turn them off. This way, you can check your notifications when you want to and not every time you get a notification.

4. Enjoy the moment, share it later

One major drawback of technology is that people feel the need to share their experiences in real time. This often ruins the experience.

Therefore, instead of sharing how much you are enjoying spending time with your spouse and kids, put down your smart phone and actually enjoy the moment. You can always post photos after the event.

Begin following these tips today and enjoy healthy relationships with your spouse, kids, family and friends.


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