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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 33: Compliment – A Lot

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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 33: Compliment – A Lot

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Many young couples are generous with compliments and therefore enjoy great intimacy in marriage.

Think back to when you began dating your partner. You probably couldn’t stop yourself from expressing your appreciation and admiration for him or her.  Unfortunately, many couples do not keep up these compliments after marriage; after all repeating the same compliment over and over again can get old very quickly.

The good news is that there are many different ways to appreciate your spouse’s strengths without sounding repetitive.

Ways to compliment your spouse

Complimenting in Public

How often do you say nice things about your husband or wife in front of your friends and family? If you haven’t already gone public with your admiration for your husband or wife, try it today.

When in public, mention something that you appreciate about your partner in passing.  For instance you could say “my wife’s patience has been a blessing in our marriage.” Note that compliments that go beyond the way your partner looks work best in public.

Specific Compliments

Vague and generic compliments like “you look so nice” can get boring pretty quickly.  Nothing awakens intimacy in marriage like a specific, genuine compliment. Saying “I love how that blouse brings out your blue eyes” sounds more genuine than a simple “you look nice.”

This trick is not limited to compliments for women; it can work for men as well. For instance, if your husband does some work around the house, don’t just say “good job.” Mention how amazing the results are and appreciate him for doing the job meticulously.

Thinking of you

When words are not enough to express how you feel about your spouse, go the extra mile and accompany your compliment with a gift. Nothing says “I’m thinking of you,” like a special gift. It’s also more memorable.

Beyond the Physical

Compliments do not have to be based on physical appearance; it is just as romantic to appreciate your partner’s character traits such as how loving, caring and hard working they are. Seeing beyond your spouse’s physical traits breeds emotional connection and intimacy.

A healthy relationship

If you are looking for tips on how to have a healthy relationship, why not begin by complimenting your partner. This will give his or her self-esteem and confidence a boost and strengthen your friendship. Remember the two of you are not as young as you used to be and your wife or husband could use the reassurance that you still find them attractive.

Compliments can also come in handy when you are broaching sensitive topics or giving your partner constructive criticism. Acknowledging what the person has done right helps to create the right vibe for a deep, meaningful conversation and intimacy in marriage.


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