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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 24: Special Hobby

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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 24: Special Hobby

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Do you think your partner is still the same person that you married? Chances are that hectic schedules and lifestyles have worn both of you down quite a bit.

While attraction can keep a marriage together for the first few months or years, it takes a lot more than love to maintain a healthy marriage. Shared passions and interests keep marriages hot after the wedding day. Happy marriages are built by finding and embracing mutual interests.

The average American couple spends about 20 minutes of quality time with one another. This time is too little compared to the eight hours we each spend with our co-workers every day. If you would like to spend more than 20 minutes of quality time with your wife or husband, find something that you both enjoy.

Mutual interests on a Budget

Shared passions go beyond extravagant vacations and expensive dinners at fine restaurants. Some activities such as reading a book or cooking your favorite meal together don’t cost much but they can bring you closer together.

A Couple That Cooks Together . . .

If you and your partner both enjoy fine dining but cannot afford to go out to expensive restaurants all the time, try cooking together. It’s an opportunity for you to explore each other’s culinary curiosities and try new foods together.

Making a meal together also creates a feel good environment in the home and builds teamwork. Also, there is no better time to have a conversation with your spouse than when you are making dinner or sitting down to eat.

Play a Sport

If you are both keen to improve your health, try a sporting activity together. Whether you play on the same team or against one another, it will be a great outlet for aggression. It is a cheap form of therapy that will go a long way to reduce tension and stress in your marriage.

Tennis is one of the most couple friendly sports that you can try. After all, you can’t possibly play tennis on your own. There is nothing like whipping a ball at each other to melt away lingering frustrations in your marriage. Alternatively, you can play against another couple and take pleasure in working with your partner as a team towards a common goal.

Bowling is another interesting activity for couples. While it can’t actually be called a sport, you don’t need to posses any athletic ability to enjoy it. You can even pick out matching shirts and play competitively against other couples while you enjoy a drink.

Travel Locally

If you enjoy travelling and exploring new areas, you will love travelling together as a couple. Avoid travel restrictions and airport delays by exploring surrounding areas.

For instance, if there is a national park that you have always wanted to visit but haven’t had the chance to do so, go there with your partner.

This activity may be a bit more costly that the other two but you can greatly reduce the costs by taking public transportation or simply walking there, if it’s close enough. Take sometime over the weekend and discover places near your home for a happy marriage.

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