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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 16: Just Because

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Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 16: Just Because

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Do you and your partner exchange gifts in marriage even when there is no occasion or holiday that demands gift giving?

Giving a surprise gift on Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries and holidays lessens the surprise because chances are that the recipient was already expecting it. Sometimes it is good to give your mate a gift on a regular day, “just because.”  A surprise gift does not have to be expensive or extravagant either; it can be something small to demonstrate your love and appreciation.

Do you want to surprise your husband or wife with a gift? Follow these tips

Pick a Regular Day

The best day to surprise your partner is on any other day other than Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.  This way, he or she is not expecting a gift and is more likely to be surprised.

Pick the Special Gift

Once you have decided when you want to surprise your spouse, you can go ahead and pick the surprise. Always pick a gift that’s relevant to your partner’s passion, hobby or needs. Do not pick a gift that is as much a gift to you as it is to your spouse such as a holiday or dinner at a restaurant that both of you have been dying to try out.

Listen to your spouse during conversations and observe his or her behavior when you are out shopping. Take note of the things that your partner talks about at every opportunity or what amazes them while out in the stores. For example, if your husband enjoys sports, get him a jersey of his favorite club. This will show him that you actually pay attention to what he likes.

Nonetheless, avoid giving manipulative gifts in marriage. The gift should be something your partner loves and not what you want done. Do not buy your wife a baking cookbook because you want her to start baking! Only buy her the book if baking is her passion and it is something she enjoys doing during her free time.

Stay Within your Budget

Whatever gift you choose to give to your spouse, make sure it is not financially straining. Picking a gift that significantly affects your finances without speaking to your partner first can cause more marital trouble than happiness. In fact, it is safer not to pick gifts which require a mutual decision such as pets or trips.

At the same time, a tight budget should not be an excuse for not surprising your partner. There are lots of simple and inexpensive items which can mean a lot to your wife or husband. For instance, you can give custom made gifts. You do not even have to make the whole item from scratch, purchase a reasonably priced item and personalize it with your partner’s photos, names or photos and names of their favorite items. The ideal present for her might be something that your wife cherishes such as a dish collection which you have had customized with her name. Similarly if your husband has a favorite football jersey, the ideal present for him might be to have his name printed on it.

As you apply these marriage tips you will notice that thoughtfully-picked gifts in marriage are far more cherished and adored. They make your spouse feel appreciated and loved for what they do and go a long way in strengthening the marriage.


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