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Relationship Tips For A Happy Marriage Part 4: Surprise!

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Relationship Tips For A Happy Marriage Part 4: Surprise!

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The Power of Surprise

Here’s an idea I think your spouse will love. It’s something to free your marriage from the mindless rut of boring routine.

Here it is: Schedule a date with your partner – tell them you’ve planned a special dinner at such and such place. But surprise them by going somewhere else instead. (This is going to be fun.)

Somewhere along the way to “dinner,” they’ll figure out something is up and start wondering what’s up your sleeve. When they start asking about it, say you’ve planned something really special that they’ve been wanting to do.

Watch them smile and liven up. Everyone loves a little bit of variety to spice things up.

Where Should You Go?

Where should you take them? Well, if your spouse has been dying to see a special musical or play, then take them there. If they love professional wrestling, then buy front row seats near the ring. Or if they love music and their favorite artist is coming to town, get tickets – the best seats you can afford right up near the front.

The longer you’re married, the easier it is to get bored and fall into doing the same old things. So decide today while you’re reading these words that you’re going to do something about it by creating adventures and special memories for you and your spouse.

Random surprises and adventures can be the spark your marriage needs. Plus, they make your spouse feel really special because you took the time and effort to do something nice for them that you knew they would enjoy.

If your marriage has become a little too vanilla for your taste, then do something this week that adds the element of surprise.

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