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Be The Change You Want Your Marriage To Be With The Three C's

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Be The Change You Want Your Marriage To Be With The Three C's

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Would you like to improve your marriage? Ever secretly wish you could change your husband or wife? Do you really want a better relationship in 2013?

Then BE the change you want your marriage to be by practicing The Three C’s

Here are the Big Three that happily married couples practice to maintain a healthy relationship:

Happy couples communicate.

Outstanding communication helps your marriage weather storms, resolve issues, and stay connected. It deepens intimacy, creates playfulness and fills your relationship with warmth.

Do you and your spouse talk?

Do you have conversations? And are those conversations filled with warm, kind, loving, caring and supportive words?

Are your conversations intimate, deep and personal? Or are they filled with facts like “what’s the weather like outside?”

When alone, do you and your spouse talk and enjoy each others’ company or is your time together filled with silence?

If you’re struggling with trying to establish healthy communication, then please go see a marriage counselor to get talking again.

But if you are communicating pretty well already, then simply focus on communicating better by doing more of the good things that you are already doing

Discuss issues and problems as they arise.

Don’t hide your feelings.

Don’t ignore conflict.

Don’t go to bed angry.

Don’t let the conflict fester.

Deal with problems while they are small and easily manageable.


Be committed. And demonstrate your commitment. Let your spouse know how much he or she means to you.

How often do you share a meaningful “I love you” with them?

How often do you let them know how glad you are that they are in your life?

When was the last time you left a loving card to brighten their day (their birthday and Valentine’s Day don’t count because you’re expected to leave cards on those days)?

This tip on commitment might sound simplistic but I guarantee most couples fall short in this area.

Creating a safe environment for your spouse in which they feel loved and cared for goes a long way to ease the pressures of daily life; and it keeps you close.

One more thing about commitment: never, ever threaten to leave over little things; and be careful about giving ultimatums altogether.

Threats and ultimatums diminish trust because they make your spouse second guess your commitment to the relationship.

Marriage is a dance – it’s about give-and-take.

It’s unhealthy to walk all over your spouse and to let them walk all over you.

Compromise. Don’t let your ego rule. Strive for balance.

Each of you has wants, hopes and dreams, and both of you should be allowed to pursue them – and you should support each other in the pursuit of happiness.

Compromise. Compromise. Compromise.

Love doesn’t seek to coerce, manipulate, or dominate. It gives, serves, and supports in an attitude of charity, warmth and kindness.

What is the state of compromise in your marriage? Happy couples who have marriages that last for a lifetime have learned the precious habit of compromise.

To stay mad about marriage instead of being just mad, practice the three C’s.

Communicate, express your commitment, and be willing and happy to compromise.

Do these three things for a happy and long lasting marriage.

Be the change that you want your marriage to be to be mad about marriage again!

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