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Love And Marriage In An Imperfect World

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Love And Marriage In An Imperfect World

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Marriage is as old as time.

God created life and love. In fact, marriage is a gift from the Creator.

And in a world that is scarred with heartache and pain, the miracle of love lives on.

Love is sacred. Divine. Eternal.

Even in an imperfect world (especially in an imperfect world), marriage builds an opportunity in time and space for a man and woman to experience paradise within a mutually satisfying, loving relationship where God is present.

But what does love and marriage look like in an imperfect world?

1.  The Happy Marriage

A happy marriage is a marriage in which the husband and wife enjoy each other.

A happy marriage is a marriage where a husband and wife are considerate, respectful,  and appreciative.

Often this type of marriage consists of a couple with a deep friendship that enables them to easily handle disagreements with mild tempers or gentle moods.

Sometimes they just laugh off mistakes and quickly find healthy resolutions for their problems.

This type of marriage is a source of love, safety, energy, and inspiration for the couple. And their love grows and deepens as they face life together with an optimistic outlook of gratitude and hopefulness.

2.  The Troubled Marriage

There are many reasons why a marriage may experience trouble and fill the hearts of the husband and wife with unhappiness.

What makes matters worse is if the couple finds themselves in a situation where their failing relationship becomes a hot topic in the rumor mill. This stresses the marriage and can lead to discouragement and depression.

When a couple finds themselves in this situation it is  essential they focus on each other and ignore everything else.

Nobody cares more about their relationship than they.  So it does not matter what anyone else thinks. Ignore them.

All that matters is that the couple put forth a genuine effort to save their marriage. And if they have to find new friends, jobs or a even a new church family in the process of saving their troubled marriage then so be it.

Nothing is as important as their love for each other and their marriage.

3.  Arranged Marriages

Amazingly enough, arranged marriages still exist in many countries.

(And consider this reality: Some people marry for reasons other than love. So even if the marriage isn’t an arranged marriage, they are entering into an arrangement of sorts.)

Now, regarding arranged marriages, these are typically done because of tradition or to keep wealth within the family circle.

India and China are two countries that have very strict traditions regarding arranged marriages. It appears that whether a man or woman actually loves each other is irrelevant. Responsibilities for their particular clan is what matters most in those cultures.

Surprisingly, some arranged marriages turn out well because the couple adjusts to each other and grows to love one another. But when love is absent, you are left with two people who simply coexist within a relationship that is void of warmth, intimacy or love.

One thing is for certain. Love in today’s world isn’t easy. But love is still love – it has not changed. We have.

All we have to do is try a little bit harder and put forth a little more effort into the relationship. After all, since when has love, or loving someone for that matter, ever been easy?

Here is what love does: Love makes it possible for us to find the perfect person for us…and not someone who is perfect. That’s the miracle.

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