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7 Ways to Spice up your Marriage

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7 Ways to Spice up your Marriage

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7 Ways to deepen intimacy.

Would you like to spice up your marriage and enjoy greater intimacy?

Has your relationship gotten a little too bland, predictable, boring?

Realize that every marriage has its ups and downs.

What you and your spouse are going through is quite normal. But if things have gotten kind of dull,  then here are seven tips to rev it up and improve intimacy.

Quit Your Complaining
Complaining kills intimacy and keeps you stuck. So instead of complaining about a lack of intimacy, why not come up with a plan to make the situation better?

Turn Off the TV
As much as you might enjoy watching TV with your spouse, this does not qualify as “quality time” – in fact it can be deadly to intimacy. So turn off the TV for at least 30-45 minutes everyday and engage your spouse without any distractions

Date Night
Date night is a great way for a married couple to enjoy and foster greater intimacy away from life’s stresses and demands.

Go out with your husband or wife where you used to go before you were married. Dress up, recreate what you did in the early years when you courted each other. Get crazy and have some fun!

Here’s an idea that some couples use. Meet at a restaurant and pretend you’ve never met before. Agree that even if it’s only for a few minutes, you will interact with each other without any emotional baggage. Try it. It’ll be fun. You’ll see.

Do nice Things For Your Spouse
This is a great way to show your spouse that you care for them. For example, you could begin by helping your partner with their chores. Make their life easier ‘cause the world sure isn’t doing anything to lighten their load! Doing something for your spouse without expecting anything in return automatically strengthens the bond of intimacy.

Annual Honeymoons
I love this one. Wouldn’t you love a second honeymoon?

Every year, go away with your spouse. If you can’t afford to have an annual honeymoon, don’t worry. Ask a friend or relative to watch your kids and pets so you can spend time alone with your spouse. (This is also one of the best ways to spice up sex in marriage – but that’s a different article.)

Quality time increases intimacy.

Live Each Day As Though It Were Your Last
If you have something to say to your spouse, say it now. This also applies to the things that you want to do for your spouse. Intimacy fades when loving words and deeds are not expressed. Besides, you never know when it will be your last kiss, last hug, or last “I love you.”

Take care of yourself
To spice up your marriage and deepen intimacy, invest energy in taking care of yourself. You need to be psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and physically charged. To achieve this, spend time alone to reconnect with your passions and dreams, or to enjoy your friends.

Give two or three of these tips a try. Not only will you feel happier, but you will find it easier to spice up your marriage.

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