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The Power Of Prayer To Save A Marriage

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The Power Of Prayer To Save A Marriage

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The Power of Prayer To Save A Marriage

Prayer strengthens marriage. So please don’t make it a last resort when facing marital problems.

Sometimes people feel a little awkward praying because they don’t know what to say. So here is a sample prayer for you to use or modify:

“God, we/I come to you in humility and sincerity. And we/I ask for your help in saving this marriage. Please fill us with your grace and wisdom. Amen.”

Prayer is powerful. When two or more people come together in prayer or share the same prayer, difficult situations can be turned around. For this reason, inform people close to you that you are seeking God’s help to strengthen your marriage and invite them to pray with you.

If you and your spouse share the same faith, then discuss with him or her how you would like to give a prayer a try (even spouses who don’t consider themselves particularly “spiritual” are often open to prayer).

So pray together. If you don’t know where to start or feel awkward, suggestions on how to pray can be obtained from books or the Internet.

Being on the same page in terms of what you want from your marriage, especially with regards to prayer and the spiritual dimension, will help you to save the marriage.

You can also offer prayer for a marriage on behalf of someone else. If you have a friend who has told you that he or she has a struggling marriage, and you share similar beliefs and values with regards to marriage, divorce or re-marriage, then feel free to let them know that you are praying for their marriage.

Praying to save a marriage in which you are not directly involved requires wisdom and caution when informing the involved parties that you are praying for them. For instance, if you want to pray for your son’s or daughter’s marriage, you might be accused of being nosy. But don’t give up! Ask God to save the marriage.

As you pray for that marriage, realize that only God knows the full story for He alone knows the heart.  But He has a desire and a purpose for that marriage.

Also, remember that no matter how much you want a certain thing with regards to that marriage, people have free will and will ultimately decide what they think is best.

Regardless of the outcome of your prayer for your marriage or the marriage of someone else, God is always working to accomplish His purpose in your life and theirs.  Remember to look for the good in every situation — focus on this.

Do whatever it takes to save your marriage…and let it begin with prayer.

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