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Stop Letting Fear Control You & Your Marriage

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Stop Letting Fear Control You & Your Marriage

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Fear is the top reason why people stay in unhappy marriages. When fear rules, your marriage loses. 

Fear transforms your marriage into a prison. 

Facing your fear(s) is scary because you don’t want to make things worse or know how things will turn out.

It’s almost as if living with the fear of the known – an unhappy marriage – is more tolerable than living with the fear of an uncertain future. 

Fear never makes things better. Besides, “perfect love casts out all fear;” there is no fear in love. 

So, if there are fearful issues in your marriage, you must face them to be happy and have a healthy relationship. 

Consider the following tips for facing your fears and having a better, happier marriage. 

Explore the source of your fear(s).

Evaluate your situation to discover the cause of your fears; write them down. 

Next, circle the issues/situations/fears you fear most.

Now that you’ve identified your biggest fears, what are some things you can do to face them so you can make them go away and keep them from happening again? 

The purpose of this first step is to put you in control of your fears instead of your fears controlling you. 

A lot of times, our fears aren’t as bad as we imagined; sometimes, they might even be worse. 

However, now that you know where your fear(s) are coming from, the root cause, you have the information you need to start dealing with them. 

Take deep breaths, meditate, and pray.

Fear breeds anxiety and worry, which give birth to panic. 

By enjoying meditation and prayer, where you take deep, soothing, and grounding breaths, you relax your mind and calm your soul.

Your anxiety levels will lower, and fear’s grip will weaken.

A calm state is an empowered state. 

Trade panic for peace through meditation, prayer, and deep breathing to control your emotional and spiritual state. 

Acknowledge what will happen if you don’t face your fears.

Avoiding difficult situations and conversations NEVER makes things better.

So you must get crystal clear on what’s likely to happen if you don’t do anything. What are the consequences of ignoring reality? What kind of life and marriage will you have if you don’t make the needed changes? 

What will your life be like in a year from now?

What will your marriage be like in a year from now?

If you don’t do anything to confront your fears and improve the situation, then a year from now, you will be miserable, afraid, and trapped in an unhappy, dissatisfying marriage. 

Another precious year will have passed because you ignored reality and didn’t face your fears when if you had faced them, you would be much happier and more satisfied with life.

If you’re still reading this article, you’re unhappy and fed up with your situation; you long for things to be different. 

I think Bruce Lee said that the change you’re not making is a situation you’re choosing. 

That’s no way to live.

Face the fear you want AND need to change.

Take charge of your situation to stop feeling frustrated, resentful, bitter, lost, trapped, or stuck!

Get crystal clear on what will happen if you don’t face your fear. 

BUT also get crystal clear on how much better and happier your life will be when you DO choose to face your fear and change your situation; let this be your motivation for taking uncomfortable action.  

Stop letting fear control you by using these great tips to regain control of your life.

Only when you acknowledge and face your fears will you finally overcome them and unlock your best life and marriage.

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