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Why Communication Saves Marriages

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Why Communication Saves Marriages

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There are many reasons why a couple once madly in love no longer cares for each other.

Whatever the reason, a husband and wife don’t just suddenly grow apart; it happens slowly, over time.

Usually, all roads that lead you away from your spouse point back to communication issues. 

It’s easy to get lazy with communication. 

Life is stressful and exhausting. And communicating with each other can feel more like a chore than a joy as the years roll on.  

When you stop communicating, assumptions, misunderstandings, and suspicions slither into the relationship.

Disagreements become more frequent. 

And your spouse – the person you once adored with all your heart – becomes a source of irritation and frustration.

So you drift and grow apart. 

You no longer share the details of each other’s lives because you’re disengaged. 

Unless you remedy it, your partner seems more like a stranger than your spouse.

Gradually, weeks pass into months and months into years until you wake up one day wondering how you got here. One of the reasons why you got there is because you stopped communicating. 

Importance оf Communication іn а Marriage

Here are some reasons why a lack of communication can end a family:

Communication Protects Intimacy

Closeness is intimacy, and intimacy is closeness. 

If you don’t share a close emotional connection with your spouse, you will not be happy in the relationship. 

Sharing the details of your lives and intentionally interacting with each other creates and sustains emotional intimacy. You share your fears, hopes, dreams, joys, worries, and faith. 

Sharing the details of your lives is the process of being vulnerable and opening up entirely to your spouse, holding nothing back.

You stay intimately involved with your partner’s life through communication. It doesn’t always have to be important stuff, either. 

Small details matter.

Maybe you want to stay in, bake cookies and cuddle on the couch, go for a long drive while holding hands in the car, or do a project together, like painting a room. 

Through communication, you allow open access to your lives.

Knowing what’s in your spouse’s mind and heart draws you close; you’re happier and enjoy life more; the relationship feels effortless most of the time, and you resolve issues quickly and easily. 

Communication Prevents Assumptions and Misunderstandings

You start making assumptions about each other when you withhold information and don’t share details.

You get suspicious and start thinking in worst-case scenarios.

And you start assigning bad intentions to motives.

Marriage should be a safe environment for a husband and wife to share whatever’s on their minds and hearts.  

Open, heartfelt, gracious communication keeps negativity in check.

It’s kind of hard for a marriage to be filled with assumptions and misunderstandings when spouses know each other’s likes, dislikes, opinions, beliefs, wants, fears, ambitions, fantasies, and desires.

Opening your hearts to each other should feel like a blessing because you’re talking to your spouse and best friend. After all, they are the one person in your life who accepts you just as you are and will love and support you no matter what!

Nurturing and communication go hand-in-hand.

Withholding communication creates a chasm filled with assumptions and misunderstandings that poison your marriage with disappointments and insecurities.

Communication Guards Against Infidelity

Infidelity is more than cheating on your spouse by having inappropriate physical contact with a third party.

A spouse can cheat on their partner emotionally, too.

Communication is a pillar of emotional and physical intimacy; it makes a relationship fulfilling and satisfying.

A lack of meaningful communication opens the door to emotional or physical adultery. 

In an age of social media, texts, emails, portable phones, and instant messaging, slipping into an illicit emotional affair has never been easier. 

Who is supposed to meet your emotional needs? Your spouse. And who’s supposed to satisfy your physical needs? Your spouse.

When communication is lacking, emotional and physical needs go unmet.

When you and your spouse don’t share things with each other, keep things to yourselves, avoid issues, and nurse hurts and disappointments secretly, you disconnect and grow apart. Soon, you start spending more and more time alone. 

The temptation to seek emotional comfort from a third party grows. And before long, a connection is forged, and emotional comfort becomes emotional intimacy, breaching the marital vows. And you start sharing the details of your life with them instead of your spouse. 

For many people, one thing leads to another, and emotional intimacy opens the door to physical intimacy, further damaging a relationship already in crisis.

When a spouse’s emotional or physical needs go unmet in their marriage, sooner or later, they will satisfy them outside of the marriage. 

Communication keeps you connected.

Emotional and physical connection guard against emotional and physical adultery. 

Communication Fosters Respect & Honesty

People cover things up when there’s a lack of communication. They tell white lies; become evasive.

Communicating your thoughts and feelings to your spouse demonstrates respect; they deserve the truth.

Dishonest, inaccurate information compromises trust and respect.

Communication demonstrates that your marriage matters to you; if you didn’t care, you wouldn’t say anything. 

By sharing what’s on your heart and mind, you can work through misunderstandings before they become issues. 

Honesty clears things up. And it reveals if there’s an actual problem to address. 

Not communicating is irresponsible and makes it impossible to move forward positively and productively.

Communication іѕ 100%/100%

They say marriage is a two-way street; well, so is communication.

Communication isn’t one spouse unloading on the other. It’s an opportunity for both spouses to share.

Furthermore, tо communicate means being thеrе fоr one аnоthеr whеnеvеr уоur spouse needs уоu, аnd emotionally comforting them. 

It’s becoming aware of their needs, making them a priority, and then doing what you can to take care of them because that’s what a spouse does, at least a caring, unselfish one.

Often, couples mistakenly think that “sharing” means saying whаt thеу want and then leaving thе room. Nope. That’s being selfish.

Whеn уоu open уоurѕеlf tо уоur spouse, уоu’re inviting them to be open with you. 

Final Thoughts…

Marriage is a beautiful union where two people feel needed, wanted, cherished, and celebrated. 

Communication is a pillar of a happy marriage because it’s the process by which a couple demonstrates that they’re there for each other. 

Communication creates a high-quality, high-value relationship. No problem is too difficult to break up the marriage.

Loving communication in all forms, verbal, emotional, physical, spiritual, and through gifts or acts of service, helps to create and sustain emotional and physical intimacy. 

Communication demonstrates that you are keeping your marital vows and promises. It says to your spouse that they are not alone! And that you are choosing to be by their side happily forever. 

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