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Change Your Attitude Change Your Relationship

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Do you enjoy being around negative, pessimistic people? Didn’t think so. Me either. Hardly anyone does, unless they’re pessimistic, too; you know, birds of a feather…

But nurturing an optimistic outlook isn’t easy when you’re in the middle of an unhappy relationship.

It’s hard to stay positive when facing ongoing marital conflict, having heated disagreements, experiencing fading intimacy, or being the target of abuse or cold indifference.

However, you must make your mental and emotional health a top priority, especially when things aren’t going well, or guess what? Things will deteriorate, and tomorrow will be worse than today. Guaranteed.

Your life and happiness should matter to you, even when they don’t seem to matter to your significant other.

Besides, having a negative mindset and pessimistic outlook eventually ruins your relationship.

The truth is, by choosing to shift your mindset from negative to positive, you shift your relationship from being pessimistic to at least being a little bit more optimistic, which should make it a much more enjoyable environment for you and your partner.

A positive attitude changes the relationship almost immediately.

Look, falling in love and having a relationship that satisfies your heart, mind, and soul is important. And your mindset and attitude play a big part in finding and maintaining that kind of relationship.

It’s pretty easy to fall in love, especially at first.

But maintaining a cheerful, appreciative, caring, playful, and passionate relationship takes a lot of effort, and guess where it starts? Your attitude and mindset.

If you have a crumby attitude, you will have a crumby relationship. It’s that simple.

But maintaining and nurturing an optimistic attitude isn’t something you do just for the health and happiness of your marriage or relationship. It’s also a gift you give to yourself.

You have a couple of choices. You may choose to create who you are by taking charge of your outlook and thoughts. Or, you may choose to let your unhappy relationship chisel away at your soul, reshaping you into something you won’t like very much (and neither will your current or future partner).

It’s easy to be swallowed up by life’s struggles and lose yourself in the darkness.

It’s easy to walk on eggshells and keep your head down to keep the peace. But that’s a miserable way to live!

Choose to Empower Yourself

By making yourself see the good in the bad by choosing an optimistic outlook, you protect your heart and soul from slipping away quietly into hopelessness.

An optimistic attitude keeps you in control and empowers you to create the kind of life and relationship you desire.

You can’t control anyone but you.

You can’t change your partner, only you.

If your relationship can heal, work to heal it. If not, you have some difficult choices to make. But, when you change your mindset, you immediately change the dynamics of your marriage or relationship.

To avoid becoming a victim, make the situation serve you. Empower yourself.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to find something good within the “bad” stuff.

Maybe your partner is overly critical, but are there any happy memories or experiences you enjoyed together?

Has the conflict revealed things about yourself that you need to work on to become a better person?

Has it forced you to realize what you want and don’t want and set boundaries accordingly?

Those are just a few examples of finding good in the bad that weaken the situation’s power over you.

Empower yourself to rise above the “bad” by choosing to count your blessings.

Choose To Celebrate Who You Are Now But Choose to Become Better!

Another way to shift your mindset and attitude to be more optimistic is to choose to keep working at unlocking your best life.

Invest time and energy to become a better person, friend, employee, or partner.

Take action to improve your life every day in some way!

Never quit or give up on yourself!

Your life is worth living and enjoying.

One last thing to remember: Don’t allow yourself to be a doormat either. What you think of yourself and your place in this world determines everything.

Choose to Take Inspired Action & Focus on the Positive

It’s easy to sit and worry when bad stuff happens. Fear and uncertainty can play with your feelings and brain.

During these times, we need to take inspired action to live our best life and make the world a better place in the process.

Engage life!

It’s been said that you don’t need anyone’s permission to star in your life.

Perhaps the inspired action you need to consider taking is seeking a qualified counselor or therapist, especially if you’ve dealt with abuse.

Also, stop putting your dreams on the back burner.

And consider taking time to help someone else in need.

Choose To Limit Negative Input

The airwaves are full of negative news that triggers stress and negative emotions. We see and hear politicians arguing and fighting constantly and people treating each other horribly.

Step back and give yourself a break.

Remember, good things are happening in the world. Find the good in the bad!

Choose To Laugh

Take time to laugh and play. Maybe use the airwaves for something fun and entertaining like hilarious comedians or funny cat videos. Or facetime with friends and family.

Do something to make yourself smile and feel happy.

Choose Uplifting Affirmations

People either love or hate affirmations. But shifting to a more optimistic outlook can be as simple as repeating three or four positive affirmations daily. Give it a try. What do you have to lose?

Renovate your attitude and give yourself a mood makeover. Start with finding something good in the bad. Choose to rearrange your mindset into something more optimistic and attractive because when you change your mindset, you change your relationship.

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