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6 Life-Changing Reasons To Be Optimistic

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6 Life-Changing Reasons To Be Optimistic

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Sometimes we hope for the best, and sometimes we expect the worst. We’re human. Comes with the territory. What matters is our dominant way of thinking. Interestingly enough, though, a certain level of pessimism may protect us from making mistakes and bad choices.

However, pessimism falls way short of the many benefits that an optimistic outlook offers. Here are six reasons why we should choose optimism ( 

1. It Improves Health

Choosing an optimistic outlook has many benefits to our physical health, including: (

  • A stronger immune system 
  • Increased lifespan
  • Better cardiovascular health

Think about it. You can have a healthier heart, stronger immune system, and live longer simply by choosing to be more positive and optimistic. 

2. It Makes Us Happier

According to the Mayo Clinic and other studies, an optimistic outlook boosts our mood and mental health because it decreases stress, eases feelings of anxiety, and reduces depression.

By choosing to think and hope for the best instead of dreading outcomes that may never happen, we feel happier and more satisfied with life.   

3. It Improves Our Love Life

Imagine what will eventually happen to your relationship with your intimate partner if you always expect the worst from the relationship? According to Penn State University, an optimist tends to have happier personal relationships because they work to ensure it lasts. (

When it comes to the relationship with your partner, are you committed to seeing and working towards a bright future, or do you expect the worst? Do you expect it to last or end? Nothing strengthens a relationship quite like both partners working toward a common goal. If you’re harboring doubts and assume your relationship is doomed, you’re going to have trouble. Choosing to be optimistic about the future of your relationship can give it the edge it needs to stand the test of time.

 4. It Boosts Our Success

When we’re pessimistic and expect the worst, we tend to settle for what we have. Add self-doubt to the mix, and you have a lethal combination that almost guarantees failure.   

People who choose to push through their fear and discomfort and be confident and optimistic have more success. Their attitude is contagious because they’re cheerful and solution-focused. When we believe that we are worthy and deserving, two fundamental pillars of optimism, we’re motivated to take inspired action to achieve our dreams and goals.  

5. It Makes Us Resilient

Expecting to fail becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. When things go “wrong,” an optimist learns and grows from the experience; they bounce back quickly and keep moving forward. 

6. It Makes Us Better People

Optimists are pillars of hope and inspiration. Pessimists are sources of doom, bad vibes, and insecurity. Optimists tend to look for the best in people and situations and are kinder and more supportive. Their very presence makes the world a little bit brighter and better. 

Final Thoughts

When you choose to be optimistic, you will enjoy a host of benefits. You will be healthier, happier, mentally and emotionally stronger, be more successful, have mutually fulfilling and satisfying relationships, and make the world a better place. 

And a great way to start becoming more optimistic is by being grateful and counting your blessings. Wait a minute, this is Thanksgiving weekend, right? Well, what are you waiting for!?

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