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10 Habits to Feel Better & Happier

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10 Habits to Feel Better & Happier

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So many people live in a state of constant overwhelm without time to rest or relax. This can lead to stress, anxiety, or a chronic state of busy-ness.

Making small lifestyle changes can lead to huge gains in well-being. The key is shifting your mindset, habits, routines, and defining your priorities.

1. Healthy Habits

When is the last time you visited your doctor for a checkup? What about your diet – do you eat healthy foods most of the time?  What about dental and vision exams? Maintaining your physical health enhances your sense of well-being because you’re taking charge of your life.

2. Make Yourself a Priority

It’s so easy to put other people and their demands first rather than taking time to tend to our needs. Make yourself one of your top priorities. Schedule time for exercise, meal preparation, self-care, friends and family, and activities you love. Taking time to enjoy the things that matter to you is a key to well-being.

3. Be Physically Active

Make fitness a priority. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, going to the gym, doing cardio, training at home, or participating in sports will boost your mood for several hours. You’ll build a stronger body too. Plus, it’s fun!

4. Social Connection

Surround yourself with people who see the brighter side of life. Spend time with like-minded friends who you can laugh with, grow together, vent, and make a difference. Be there for them; and let them be there for you when facing life’s challenges.

5. Spend Time In Quiet Reflection

Meditation can calm your mind and body. Taking charge of your thinking, thoughts, and emotions will reduce stress and anxiety while enhancing well-being.

6. Be Self-aware

Check-in with yourself; be in tune with your inner self. This can be tuning in to your physical sensations, your reactions to situations, your behavior, your feelings, or your thoughts. Get a sense of who you are and what you care about. Check-in with yourself often to see how you’re feeling and to assess your emotions to see if anything needs to be addressed or changed.

7. Set Goals

Make a list of important goals and prioritize them. Then start with the first one. Chunk tasks into small pieces; enjoy the small wins. You’ll start creating momentum and achieving meaningful things without being overwhelmed.

8. Never Stop Learning

Always be open to new thoughts and ideas – welcome new ways of experiencing life.   

9. Live By Your Personal Standards

Don’t follow the crowd; don’t conform. Decide what kind of person you want to be and what kind of life you want to live. Set your standards and live by them. Own your code.  

10. Stop Seeking External Validation

You don’t need anyone’s approval so stop seeking it. This doesn’t mean you should be selfish or closed minded. It simply means to stop giving away your power and energy and effort to earn the approval of others.  Define yourself. You have the ability and right to give yourself approval and validation.

These tips are only a starting place. Add your own. Keep what works and throw out the rest. Experiment with wellness and self-care. Just by adding two or three tips to your routine will boost your feelings of well-being and create a much happier life.

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