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7 Signs You’re Dealing With A Mature Person

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7 Signs You’re Dealing With A Mature Person

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Maturity is the ability to respond to situations in age-appropriate ways cognitively and emotionally. And one situation where maturity is absolutely essential is marriage. Here are seven signs you’re dealing with a mature person (and hopefully this person is your partner).

A Mature Person Keeps Their Word

A mature person follows through on their word and promises. When a mature person makes a commitment, they keep it – even when it’s inconvenient or they don’t feel like it. And even if the odds are against them, they step up and give it everything they’ve got.

A Mature Person Is Humble

A mature person knows they’re not always right. They’re humble, and readily admit when they’re wrong. If they make a mistake, they take responsibility and fix it. They welcome other people’s thoughts and opinions. And another thing, mature people don’t spend time bragging about themselves. Nor do they seek someone else’s validation to make them feel worthy or happy. They approach life with an open mind because they believe that there’s always more to learn.

A Mature Person Is Driven by Values Not Feelings

Have you ever seen a child throw a tantrum when they don’t get their way? Overreacting emotionally to a situation as an adult when you don’t get your own way is kind of the same thing; it’s immature. A mature person sticks to their values and standards. If something doesn’t go their way, they process their emotions calmly and begin to work on solutions and options that support the kind of person they want to be and the direction they want to go with their life.  

A Mature Person Doesn’t Believe They Are a Victim  

A person who is mature mentally and emotionally knows and believes they are the architect and creator of their life and destiny. They don’t look for a caretaker to make their life better. They don’t leave anything to chance. They take charge and do all they can to live life on their terms.  If something needs to change, they change it.

A Mature People Doesn’t Create Drama, or Gossip

A mature person knows that drama and gossip are time and energy sucks. They don’t allow themselves to be sidetracked from their dreams and goals.  They take precautions to avoid drama kings and queens. And if they have a friend who’s into gossip and drama, they will eventually distance themselves because they know that associating with like-minded individuals is essential to their success and peace of mind.

A Mature People Doesn’t Seek Constant Attention

A mature person realizes and acknowledges their value and self-worth. They don’t crave validation through compliments or seeking attention, either in person or on social media. They avoid behaving or posting stuff that might ignite unnecessary drama or hurt someone’s feelings.

Neither do they put themselves down as a way to gain sympathy or to get people to say nice things about them. A mature person simply doesn’t give much, if any, thought to the petty things people think or say about them in real life on social media.

A Mature Person Won’t Give Up Or Give In

A mature person knows that giving up isn’t an option. They keep getting up over and over again when they fail.  In fact, they don’t really believe in failure because it’s either a growing experience or a learning experience, or both.

No matter how challenging or difficult a situation might get, they refuse to give in; they stay focused on their goals. They stay positive, roll up their sleeves and get to work finding solutions and options instead of whining and complaining.  

Look, nobody’s perfect; everyone has room to grow. Besides, maturity is a lifelong process. With that in mind, look over this list of seven things. What are one or two that might be areas of improvement for your life or marriage?

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