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Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage!

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Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage!

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One of the reasons marriage is easy in the beginning is because it’s filled with intimacy and passion. But as the years pass, the relationship can go from steamy to lukewarm, or to even “ice-cold” if you’re not careful.

A lack of emotional and physical intimacy is the end of many marriages. But there are several ways to spice up the relationship.

Spicing Up Marriages for Women & Men

Spicing up a marriage for a wife might include having more meaningful conversations and opening up about feelings.

For a husband, it corresponds to expressing more physical affection and intimacy. But don’t minimize the importance of meeting his emotional needs in the process.

Avoid Dull & Predictable

Sometimes the root of marital issues is redundancy; the relationship has gotten dull and predictable. Adding a little variety by mixing things up can be a big improvement.

Here are some easy, creative ways to add variety to your marriage.

Use Candles

Have a candle lit conversation before bedtime with your wife or husband after the kids have gone to bed when you can relax from the stresses of the day.

Another variation for the wife to try is wearing seductive lingerie. it will make her feel more attractive and excite her man visually.

Create a Moment

Playing soft music in the bedroom at night, along with lighting a couple of candles, sets the mood and spices things up. This would be the perfect moment to offer your partner the gift of a full body massage with heavy lotion to sooth their body help them relax after a long day.

Consider Role Playing

Some couples use role playing to spice up their marriage by dressing up as a pilot or flight attendant (maybe a little cliche but you get the idea) or they act out a fantasy like the boss-secretary fantasy, etc. You can begin the role playing in the morning before the “boss” goes to work and culminate it in the evening after the kids are in bed.

Role playing can be done outside of the home, too. Go on a date with your husband as an alternate personality. Or go way out of your comfort zone by dressing differently and meeting your spouse at a restaurant that leads to a hotel later on. You’re married! So play and have fun with your spouse!

Make Them Feel Special!

Another way to add variety to your marriage is do something for your spouse that you wouldn’t normally do for no other reason than because you love them. Add a love note to their lunch or briefcase; bring home flowers; get an unexpected gift.

Leave a note on the bathroom mirror or on their computer just to let them know you’re thinking about them. They’ll love it because you’ve made them feel special.

Little Things

Remember to do little things you know they appreciate like taking out the garbage, filling the car with gas, getting groceries, shopping, making dinner, or watching the kids so they can get away.

Make Love

Lastly, as busy or as tired as you might feel, making love to your spouse should be a top priority in the marriage. Studies show that humans need touch every day to keep their immune systems strong, reduce risk of depression, and to create feelings of intimacy.

Remember, you’re married and are pretty much free to do whatever you want! So play with one or more of these tips to start spicing up your marriage today!

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