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What’s A Relationship Resolution?

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What’s A Relationship Resolution?

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When people hear the word “resolution,” they usually think of things they wish to change about themselves: their weight, habits, and attitude towards life.

However, for those whose relationships are on the rocks, improving their love life should probably be at the top of their list of resolutions. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a better relationship with their partner, right?

Most of the time, people stay in a rocky relationship because they secretly hope things will get better on their own.

But, if you think making a resolution to improve a relationship only applies to those whose love lives aren’t going well, think again.

(By the way, a resolution can be made any day of the year, not just New Years Day.)

Benefits of Having Relationship Resolutions

The truth is that all couples need relationship resolutions. Granted, some need it more than others, but every relationship needs to grow. For no matter how perfect a relationship may seem, there will always be at least one thing people would wish to improve about their relationship (or change about their partner).

Trust me, even the most perfect couples in the world still have things they don’t agree on. Making a resolution that focuses on improving your relationship provides an opportunity to tell your partner about the things you wish to change about yourself or them without sounding demanding or hostile.

A resolution doesn’t have to involve big changes either; small changes can do wonders for a relationship. Besides, a resolution doesn’t have to be about turning a negative into a positive. A resolution can be as simple as agreeing to go on more dates or agreeing to try something new every once in a while. 

Relationship resolutions can be a way for couples to keep their relationship from going stale. Even a couple of small tweaks can keep the relationship from becoming dull or boring.  

Things to Consider

In making a “good” relationship resolution, remember that you’re not looking for something wrong with your partner to change. If you focus on stuff about your partner that irritates you, you might soon find yourself growing increasingly more dissatisfied with the relationship. When that happens, you might find yourself looking for reasons to leave the relationship. 

The best relationship resolutions aren’t thinking about what you wish to change about your partner, but something you can change about yourself.  

Remember: the purpose of a relationship resolution is to make your relationship with your partner better, stronger, and happier. And usually the best place to start is with yourself or by adding fun activities and adventures to the relationship.

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