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Self Confidence Makes Your Marriage Better

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Self Confidence Makes Your Marriage Better

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All healthy relationships and marriages go through hard times. However, marriage problems are not an indication of the couples’ abilities or lack thereof and should never be taken as such.  Couples’ should never tie their self pride to the success of their relationship.

It takes two self confident people to make a marriage work. People with low self esteem have a tendency to be self destructive which could lead them to subconsciously sabotage their happy marriage. This is why married couples should strive to maintain their self pride at all times.

  • Smile – A smile is often seen as a sign of approval. Therefore, do not hesitate to smile at your partner and let them know that they are doing a good job. In fact, if you keep smiling, your body will communicate to your brain that you are happy which will make your feel more self confident.

A smile is contagious and your spouse is bound to smile back. This will create a happy environment in the home which will keep you smiling much longer with little effort.

  • Develop your interests – Being married doesn’t mean that you have to give up your interests. You can maintain your hobbies and interests and still have a happy marriage. The secret lies in finding the right balance between your individuality and your marital responsibilities.

You can also introduce your spouse to some of your interests. There is a lot of joy and pride to be gained from teaching someone something new.

  • Look Good – After marriage, many people get comfortable and lose the motivation to look good. This is rarely good for the marriage.  It is important to acknowledge that your spouse married you for who you are as well as your appearance.

You can wear sweat pants on your busy days but do dress up every once in a while – especially on date night.  You will feel more attractive and this will help to boost your self confidence.

You should also do your best to stay in shape. While your body changes as you get older, eating right and exercising will keep you feeling better about yourself.

  • Be grateful- Always be grateful for your marriage regardless of the circumstances. It takes the focus away from the negative aspects of your marriage and helps you realize that things are not so bad after all.

Appreciating your spouse is always a good place to start. You wouldn’t believe just how many marriage problems can be solved with a little appreciation.  It lets the other party know that they are doing something right and motivates them to do even better.

Moreover, appreciation begets appreciation. If you appreciate your partner, he or she will most likely reciprocate. Your partner’s compliments will also be a source of pride for you.

Self pride is a necessity in all healthy relationships. It is hard to love someone else when you don’t love yourself.  Begin taking pride in yourself and your marriage today with these simple tips.

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