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Cuddling is a Love Language

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Cuddling is a Love Language

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When romance in marriage begins to die down, cuddling is one of the first things to go.

Think back to the last time you cuddled with your partner? How long ago was it?

Many couples cannot get enough of cuddle time when they are dating or in courtship. However when they get married, these and other romantic gestures begin to fade away,yet there are so many benefits to cuddling.

According to therapists and psychologists cuddling releases oxytocin and endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good hormones, and increases overall happiness. These hormones are similar to those released during intimate moments or a good workout.

In addition to feeling good, cuddling brings couples physically and emotionally closer. It is a great way to relax; make your spouse feel loved and secure and spend quality time together as a couple when watching TV or reading a book.

Cuddling also reduces stress and blood pressure. Can you believe this? It not only feels good but also keeps stress-related diseases away.  For a long time, stress management therapists have recommended acts of touch as a solution to stress and anxiety. It is why massages work so well. Funny enough, the more stressed a couple is, the less likely they are to hug.

If you have kids, don’t hesitate to extend a cuddle to them as well. It lets them know that you love them and gives them a sense of security. This applies to young children who are breast feeding and older ones as well. They all need to be reassured of the security that you as a parent and a guardian have to offer to them.

Word of Caution!

While cuddling has many undeniable benefits, it should not be overdone.  Talk to your partner and find out when  they like to be cuddled. You wouldn’t want to invade his or her comfort zone in the name of romance in marriage.

Ask your significant other “can I cuddle with you or can I cuddle you?” His or her answer will probably be “yes” but it is always good to ask.

How to Cuddle

Cuddling with your spouse can seem a bit awkward especially if you haven’t done it in a long time or if you grew up in a hands-off environment.

Begin by holding hands with your partner and then put your arm around his or shoulders. If he or she is taller than you, put your arm around their waist. These two positions are good for the outdoors. Once you are both comfortable with this position, you can rest your head or your partner’s chest or lap. This position is good for watching TV or reading a book. There are virtually endless cuddling positions that you can try with your spouse. You can even invent some of your own!

If you want to experience true romance in marriage, make time to cuddle with your partner this week. It will bring you and your spouse closer together and improve communication in your relationship.

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