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Can Your Spouse Count on You?

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Can Your Spouse Count on You?

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We all want a good wife or husband that we can count on. Someone who is there for us when we need them and makes us feel secure in the relationship.

This is not to say that a good husband or wife never disappoints their significant other; that’s impossible. It just means they try really hard not to.

What’s your track record?

The best way to know whether you’re someone that your partner can count is to evaluate your track record. Do you have a habit of making promises and not coming through? Do you constantly find yourself apologizing and promising that “it won’t happen again?” If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it may be time for a change.

Ways to make your spouse feel more secure

Knowing how to take care of the kids and do chores is extremely important even if you are not the primary parent.  Your partner should be able to go away for a couple of hours or days and not have to worry that the kids won’t be fed, bathed and taken care off. They should also not have to worry about whether or not chores will get done.

Taking care of your finances is also part of being there for your partner. This means working hard, spending money wisely and saving for the future.

You don’t want your spouse to be constantly worrying about how you’re going to pay rent and other bills. Financial security or lack thereof can determine whether or not your marriage feels secure.

Protecting your marriage is something that your wife or husband should be able to count on you for. They should be confident that you will not pursue an affair with another person even if said person comes on to you. Your partner should know you have eyes only for them and that you’re fully committed to the marriage and to being a good wife or husband.

Being your spouse’s greatest supporter allows them to feel emotionally secure. They should know that they can always count on your support in married life, whether physical or emotional.

Being there for your spouse shows them that you are committed to their happiness and makes them feel more comfortable and secure. It’s what a good wife or husband does.

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