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Know Your Love Languages: Physical Touch

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Know Your Love Languages: Physical Touch

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What do you think about the research that claims we need four hugs a day for maintenance, eight to be healthy and twelve to thrive? How many hugs do you and your spouse enjoy daily? (Some of you are thinking, “Twelve hugs a day? Are you kidding me! I’m lucky to get twelve hugs a month!”)

The expression of love through warm and caring touch warms a marriage (heals it, too)  and boosts the health and wellness of the husband and wife.

If you want to have a happy marriage, then please take this relationship tip to heart and decide right now that you will increase the amount of affectionate touch that you share with your spouse.

Science Says…
In research studies involving infants who are born prematurely, when the nurse stroked their arms and legs with her fingers three times daily for fifteen minutes each session, the baby gained 47% more weight daily versus those who were not touched.

Loving touch can save a life. Sadly, the lack of it, at least among infants and babies, may lead to death. We were designed to be at our best when socially connected with others through loving touch.

Don’t Be Touchy!
Some people get kind of touchy about being touched. If this sounds a little bit like you, then please accept what I’m about to say in the spirit I’m giving it: Get over it and be touchy – especially when it involves your mate! There was a time when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. Relive those days again.

Getting Started With Touch
How you choose to include the element of touch into your marriage is up to you. But here are some examples for those who might be kind of challenged in the touching department:

  • Run your fingers through your partner’s hair
  • Hold their hand and warm it up with your own
  • Gently kiss them on the neck
  • Touch their leg, squeeze their knee, or place your hand on the small of their back
  • Hug them – hold them close within a tight embrace for at least 5 seconds
  • Rub their shoulders
  • Massage their feet
  • Put your arm around them
  • Rest your head on their shoulder
  • Take a walk hand-in-hand

How Long Has It Been?
How long has it been since you walked up to your spouse and gave them a hug or a kiss for no reason?

When was the last time you surprised them with a sensual kiss and not with a kiss like you might give to your brother or sister!

When was the last time you displayed affection for them in public by taking and holding their hand?

Everyone enjoys being touched by their spouse. If you’re in a struggling marriage I can understand that this whole thing about touch might feel just a little bit awkward. But do you really think withholding your touch will make things any better?

Touching your spouse sends the message that you like them – and that you enjoy touching them.

Decide today to take the initiative to touch your spouse.

Let your feelings of love, warmth, compassion, and care flow from you into your mate by the way you touch them.

This world is cold enough. So warm up your marriage with loving touch and watch your love for each other deepen and grow.

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