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Encourage Each Other

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Encourage Each Other

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Everyone likes to be encouraged and one of the main benefits of marriage is having someone to motivate you every step of the way. Continuous affirmation and encouragement are necessary for a happy relationship.

As a Christian married couple, it is your God-given responsibility to be each other’s biggest fans. In fact, Hebrews 3:13a   says “Encourage each other every day …”

How to Encourage Your Spouse

Pointing out your partner’s strengths is one of the best ways to motivate him or her. There are enough people in the world who will jump at any chance to point out your partner’s flaws. As a wife or husband, you have a rare opportunity to impact your spouse’s self-identity.  This is why you should appreciate your spouse’s strengths and applaud him or her on for every step made. By doing so, you can help them become the best version of themselves.

When others offer criticisms to your spouse, it is your role to help him or her determine which ones are legitimate. Even the most self confident person has a hard time being objective about their strengths and weakness in the face of criticism. As the spouse, you can become the voice of sanity in the situation.

Assuring you spouse of your unconditional love for and acceptance is another way to motivate your partner. It is important for your husband or wife to know that you do not expect perfection. Give your partner room to be imperfect and he or she will be more motivated to try new things. Let your partner’s past mistakes and failures remain in the past.

If you are in a position to help with the implementation of your spouse’s goals, do not hesitate to offer. For instance, if your spouse is trying to get back in shape, you can offer to help them with this.  Be your husband’s or wife’s partner in life so that you can both enjoy the benefits of marriage.

In addition to words of love and encouragement, you can inspire your spouse through your actions. There is nothing more motivational that seeing someone do something. The two of you can set a mutual goal and motivate each other to achieve it. In addition, working together towards a common goal will help you to grow closer together.

If you find it easier to stay motivated when in a larger group, you can find another couple that has similar goals and interests and ask them to join you on your journey. This way, you also get to learn from their experiences.

As human beings, we all crave encouragement, motivation and affirmation. This is why all married couples should strive to build relationships where all parties can enjoy these and other benefits of marriage.

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