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Don’t Let Familiarity Kill the Romance

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Don’t Let Familiarity Kill the Romance

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After many years of being married, it’s natural for a husband and wife to become very familiar with each other. And if they’re not careful, this familiarity creates mindless routine, which leads to boredom, which creates a romance “rut.”

Choose To Be Romantic

One of the beautiful things about romance is that it’s not just a feeling but it’s a decision, too.

So challenge yourself to find new ways to fill your marriage with romance, and make your partner feel special.

It’s a process that begins with a decision – the decision to be romantic.

Some Marriage Tips For Rekindling Romance

1. Relive special romantic moments.

It’s easy to remember the painful times that all relationships have, but why not choose to remember the special romantic times instead?

Here’s an idea, go back to where that special moment took place and relive it – re-experience your story.

Return to that vacation spot or hotel, or to that special place where you both decided to spend the rest of your life together.

2. Be kind and forgiving.

An unkind and unforgiving spirit kills romance.

No one wants to be romantically available to another human being who hurts them or treats them harshly.

There’s another dimension to this, too. If you sense that your spouse is just tolerating and enduring you, or if he or she senses these vibes from you, then your marriage will be very unromantic.

Be kind, sensitive, patient, and forgiving.

3. Don’t Train!

Stop trying to “train” your partner into becoming the kind of person you want them to be.

It’s one thing for a husband and wife to influence each other’s growth and development, but it’s another to control, manipulate, coerce and train them into behaving how you want them to behave.

Accept your partner unconditionally.

4. Be emotionally expressive and loving, and affirming.

If you make your spouse feel like a “million dollars” then he or she won’t have the desire for that need to be met by another person.

Make your spouse feel great.

Compliment them often, and affirm them with massive amounts of emotional warmth.

Emotional distance and coldness kill romance.

5. Communicate with two-way conversation.

Listen to your spouse to understand what is on their mind and heart. Participate in the conversation, too – don’t just sit there like a bump on a log.

Talk. Listen. Understand.


6. Be appealing to your spouse.

Simply put, care about your appearance; don’t let yourself go.

Sure, your spouse will love you either way – but don’t you care enough about them to put a little effort into taking care of yourself just the way you did when you first started dating?

Do some of those things again.

A happy, romantic marriage doesn’t just happen. It takes thought, work, effort and ACTION. But it’s so worth it, isn’t it?

So review these tips and do a couple of them this week to begin rekindling the romance in your marriage so you will be madly in love with each other for the rest of your lives.

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