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4 Simple Ways to Enrich Your Marriage

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4 Simple Ways to Enrich Your Marriage

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A marriage relationship grows and changes every day.

One of the reasons why for this state of constant change is that each spouse is growing and maturing daily, and striving to reach his or her own personal goals and dreams.

This is a great thing and should be encouraged, which is why sharing your goals and dreams with each other is so important to feeling supported and fulfilled – and to having a happy marriage. Otherwise you may reach the point where you feel stuck or held back.

Sharing your goals and dreams strengthens commitment, and deepens trust, intimacy and affection, and will energize your marriage.

Couples should do everything within their power to create a healthy environment of open and honest communication where it is safe to share feelings, hopes and goals.

Common hopes and goals that a husband and wife might share could be: having a close family, raising kids who make a difference in the world, having a great career, building or buying the house of their dreams, recreational activities like biking or scuba diving, trips, spiritual experiences, and many others.

In creating goals as a couple, you might give consideration to the following 4 pathways to a stronger marriage so as to better understand your partner’s real needs and wants:

1) What are your values and rules — your code of conduct of what you will and will not do.

2) Will you intentionally make time for each other? Not just for physical intimacy but also to discover what is happening in your lives so you can support each other and celebrate accomplishments.

3. Make decisions together. Even if you do not fully agree with your spouse’s decision or point of view, be supportive and understanding. Healthy marriages practice this standard.

4. Adjust and be ready to compromise. A give-and-take exchange contributes to a happy marriage. Even if the goals and dreams of your spouse do not align with your own, as a loving partner you desire their highest good and offer your heartfelt understanding, help and support.

If you keep your hopes to yourself, you and your spouse risk growing apart and going in separate directions, which is a recipe for loneliness,  isolation, and discontent.

So if you want a thrilling life that surpasses your wildest imagination, then share your dreams, desires and goals with your husband or wife. And start by practicing these four pathways to a happier marriage.

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